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Gift Guide and stocking Stuffers

Welcome to my 2020 Stocking Stuffers and under $30 Gift Guide! I have over 30 great ideas here and will add them over the next few weeks as I see new fun stuff! Also- many of these are great for adults or teenagers and tweens like my girls!

–Acrylic Paint Pens are so cool and can paint on glasses and wood and my favorite: rocks. During quarantine last Spring, I loved to go on walks around our old Seattle neighborhood and found so much delight in finding painted rocks that people had left out for others to find. Now give the gift of making them at home! 

-For a cook or baker in your life, these Gold Measuring Cups are beautiful and very functional. Or try this lovely Marble Rolling Pin and hope that it results in the recipient baking you up a pie!

-Anyone who spends time on an ipad would love a stylus. You don’t have to splurge for the more expensive apple version, this one is great!

-For someone with AirPods, I like these cute little Rifle Paper Air Pod Cases. I really like that they can hook into the inside of a purse or backpack so they don’t get lost!  

-I can’t believe it, but I am a scrunchie believer. (At home only of course) and these Velvet Scrunchies are extra soft on the hair.  

-Everyone needs an arsenal of masks and will for a while. I love these Cute masks with a heart, which comes in a 2 pack. 

-Nice hand sanitizer like Dr Bronner’s Organic Lavender Hand Sanitizer are awesome gifts. I carry these mini’s in all my purses and coat pockets.  Or there is this Jao pump that is awesome for the kitchen counter or your desk. 

– Whether you like war or gin rummy, these Dog Playing cards are just so cute! 

-Keeping your memory sharp is more fun with this incredibly artistic cool Versaille Memory Game.

-These Compliment Pencils just make me smile- I love them. 

-A 3 pack of nice Hand creams is like the ultimate 2020 gift (right after cute masks and hand-sani) Everyone has dry, parched hands from all of the washing and sanitizing, so this is a real treat. 

-If you have someone in your life that likes old school day planners and list making (that’s me!!) then these Fine point multi-color pen sets are the best!  They come in 100 pens or a 10 pack 

-Speaking of Daily list-making, you can add this Daily Fill-in planner to the pens! 

–Travel silicone straws are environmentally friendly and sanitary (plus they are cute!) and great for anyone with a Starbucks habit (my girls would use these big time) 

-All I ever want to do all winter is wear these cuddly Teddy socks. Maybe pair them up with this Mistletoe Foot exfoliation and hydration masks from Patchology? 

-If you have someone in your life that takes their skincare VERY seriously, then this Cleanse Ritual Microfiber Headband will be a big hit. 

– I have to include this Mini Brazillian bum bum cream because Pia and Coco love it so much and basically use it as their “perfume.” I also admit that I am partial to occasionally slathering some on and pretending that I am on vacation.  

-Really cute mugs are always good gifts. I own and love this “Glowing with Gratitude” mug but also think these Good Tidings Mugs are adorable. If you wanted to add some tea with the mugs, Market Spice Orange Cinnamon Tea is my favorite in the world and they sell it in Seattle and I miss it. It just smells like the holidays to me. You can bring it home with you or it makes a lovely gift. 

-There is nothing like Fresh Lip products. This set comes in Rose, Dream and Coconut and they all smell and feel heavenly. 

-I make a ton of little notes and lists and keep pads of paper everywhere, This adorable yellow Memo pad is a perfect stocking stuffer for your fav list maker! 

-I love a pretty pencil case. It helps keep your favorite pens and pencils organized, or if you work or school with a set, it keeps your space oragnized. This one is especially cute and perfect for teens or adults.  

-This classic Thymes Pine Needle Candle is my favorite from November through February every year! 

-If you have a creative in your life,  they would almost certainly be inspired by these 100 Dual Tip Brush Pens/ Magicfly Water Coloring Markers with Fineliner Tip. I know I am! 

-I think this 6 pack of pure essential oils is a great stocking stuffer. They can be added to infusers, humidifiers, lotion, face cream, and more.  

-If you follow me on IG then you know that I recently took my family mushroom foraging and it was MUCH harder than I expected! I love that this Organic Mushroom growing kit will ensure your mushrooms are safe to eat and grow in your own outdoor space!! Also, cool for kids to watch something grow like this. It comes in different varieties too. I feel a great mushroom risotto coming on!  

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