3 Activities for Corporate Days Out for Recruitment Agencies

recruitment agency activities; man shooting targets

As a recruitment agency, you specialise in finding talent for other companies, but it’s time to add a little twist to this. You can hold activities for your own team of recruiters to boost morale and learn more about them outside of work. 

Whether you are looking for team-building activities or simply wish to hang out with your co-workers, you’ll need some entertaining activities to get the ball rolling. You need some adventure—you need Avalanche!

We’ve made a list of our top 3 activities, all perfect for corporate days out for recruitment agencies.

Let’s get started!

1. Clay Pigeon Shooting 

If you’re looking for activities to do on a corporate day out, you should add some intense clay pigeon shooting to your list. It’s perfect for a casual day out and you and your teammates who love a little recreational shooting can have the best time blowing clay pigeons to smithereens. 

It also adds a bit of competition among your colleagues as it’s one of the most challenging games we offer at our Leicester activity centre. You and your teammates will need laser-sharp focus and attention to successfully hit targets and collect points. 

Be sure to learn about a few aiming and safety tips before booking your adventure at Avalanche. Our team of instructors will also brief you on safety so, come prepared to enjoy a day jampacked with fun!

At Avalanche, we can help you plan a perfect day out with our unforgettable clay pigeon shooting experience. Book slots for your agency right now!

2. Off-roading on Challenging Terrains

activities for recruitment agencies; off-roading on a rover

This activity is perfect for those who crave an adrenaline rush on a corporate day out. If you don’t already know, off-roading is a thrilling activity where your team drives around in rovers on challenging terrains

Your team of recruitment professionals will experience the best combination of speed and thrills, with the freedom to travel anywhere on the terrain. Moreover, you can race each other to see who can get through the rocky terrains quickest. 

To make it even more entertaining, you can consider ending your off-road trip by setting up a camp at the end of the day; it’s bound to bring your team closer together.

You can book a wide range of vehicles for off-roading at Avalanche Adventure. Learn more about this thrilling team-building activity by visiting this page now!

3.  Team Building Activities at Avalanche Adventure

team building activities; playing volleyball at the beach

If you’re looking to strengthen your bond with your co-workers and new recruits, then Avalanche’s team building/training activity is the best idea for corporate days out for recruitment agencies.

Your agency will experience unique activities that require teamwork and cooperation to get through. This gives your team of recruiters the opportunity to work together in a unique way that’s bound to improve your workplace environment. 

At Avalanche, we help you cherry pick activities that meet all of your needs. Based on the number of people you wish to book for, we have a range of adventures you can try on your day out. 

All you need to do is fill out this contact form and we will help you with the rest. 

Book Your Slots with Avalanche Adventure for Corporate Days Out

Our Leicester activity centre is the ideal place to take part in thrilling activities on corporate days out with your recruitment agency. 

Other than the above-mentioned unique team-building activities, we also offer blindfold archery, quad biking, and more adventures that will bring your team closer. 

When you can speak with us, we will curate the perfect corporate event for your team. Additionally, after an adventurous day, you can fill your stomach with an elegant buffet at our activity centre, made by our exceptional catering services.

To learn more about the activities we can offer you, visit our homepage or contact us now!

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