5 Business Class Products I Hope To Fly In 2023 – Live and Let’s Fly

5 Business Class Products I Hope To Fly In 2023 - Live and Let's Fly

At this early point in the year it is not clear if I will push for elite status once again on a US carrier or truly embrace the freestyle life of buying whatever ticket works best based upon date, time, and cost. In any case, there are a number of business class products I do hope to try in 2023, many of them quite exotic.

5 Business Class Products I Hope To Try In 2023

This is not an exhaustive list, but I would place these five products at the top of the list.

Aer Lingus A321neo

It has been several years since I reviewed Aer Lingus and I’d like to give the carrier another try and spend a night in lovely Dublin. I flew the A330 last time and since the seat has not changed, this time I will focus on flying the A321neo.

ITA Airways A350-900

ITA Airways

ITA Airways, formerly Alitalia, has taken delivery of new A350 jets and flies them to Los Angeles and Buenos Aires. While technically not a SkyTeam member, to my knowledge it is not possible right now to use any SkyTeam currency (like SkyMiles or Flying Blue) to book flights. The soft product (with a beautiful appetizer, pasta course, meat or fish course, cheese, and dessert) looks amazing.

Air Senegal A330-900neo


The chicken or the egg? Do I want to visit Senegal to fly Air Senegal A330-900 or do I want to fly Air Senegal to visit Senegal? Both are true. However, I do want to try Air Senegal’s JFK-DSS service on this beautiful plane.

Uganda Airlines A330-800neo


I have two trips to Africa this year. I could be boring and just take United Airlines or I could be a bit different and try airlines like Uganda Airlines, Air Senegal, Rwanda Air, and TAAG. I’m leaning toward the latter and look forward to flying the relatively rare A330-800neo, the flagship of the Uganda Airlines fleet.

Cubana IL-96

Sources tell me that one or both of Cubana’s Ilyushin Il-96 will return to serve this year for the flag carrier of Cuba. Should that be the case, I would like to fly it while I still can.

There are others too. I want to fly the reconfigured Finnair A350-900 on a long flight and would like to sample the Iberia A350-900 as well. There will be plenty of United flights this year and perhaps the A330-900neo on Delta Air Lines as well. The Brussels Airlines A330-300 and Air Baltic A220-300 beckon as well.


While I am setting a number of ambitious travel goals now, I do wonder how this year will turn out in terms of travel. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes toward striking the right balance between this blog and my other endeavors, but I am confident everything will fall into place and you will be treated to some fascinating reviews this year.

What business class products are you looking to fly in 2023?

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