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At this early point in the year it is not clear if I will push for elite status once again on a US carrier or truly embrace the freestyle life of buying whatever ticket works best based on date, time, and cost. In any case, there are a number of first class products I do hope to try in 2023, which is much less exotic than my business class list.

7 First Class Products I Hope To Try In 2023

This is not an exhaustive list, but I would place these seven products at the top of the list.

Singapore Suites

The “new” Singapore Suites onboard the Airbus A380 have alluded me for many years. This year, I am determined to not only experience them, but experience them on a longhaul flight (last year they were briefly available at saver level between New York and Frankfurt, but that flight is simply not long enough to experience the essence of first class on Singapore Airlines).

Korean Air

It’s a “use it or lose it” year for Korean Air, with award chart changes set to go into effect in March. The problem is that Korean Air does not realize space in advance any longer, so I am going to be taking a last-minute trip to Seoul sometime in the next 90 days or else find my Korean Air miles no longer sufficient for a trip. Somehow I need to get on the 747-8 and the A380. Korean Air is much more generous in releasing A380 space than 747-8 space, but it is the 747-8 that has the latest “Kosmo 2.0” suites.


SWISS First Class Aeroplan

With first class space theoretically available using United miles (well, now it’s gone again…), I need to give SWISS First Class another try, ideally with a long connection in Zurich such that I can make use of both the Schengen and non-Schengen first class lounges.


I’d like to give Etihad another try in first class from Abu Dhabi to London to check up on how the carrier is investing in first class as it brings the A380 back into service.

British Airways

I firmly believe that British Airways offers a very undervalued business and first class product and hope to use an oft-cancelled pandemic-era ticket to fly first class on British Airways this year on a longhaul flight, preferably aboard the newly-configured 777-300ER.


I hope to visit Angola this year and in so doing, fly TAAG in first class. TAAG is not generally well-regarded in terms of its product or its onboard photo policy, so that itself would be an adventure.

Oman Air

I’ve been to Muscat many years ago, but I’d like to spend more time in Oman and when doing so, sample the flag carrier in first class, which is an Aeroplan partner. I’ve been to the Oman Air lounge several times in Bangkok, but never stepped foot on an Oman Air flight.


While I am setting a number of ambitious travel goals now, I do wonder how this year will turn out in terms of travel. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes toward striking the right balance between this blog and my other endeavors, but I am confident everything will fall into place and you will be treated to some fascinating reviews this year.

What first class products are you looking to fly in 2023?

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