8 ESSENTIAL Design Tools & WordPress Plugins Every Designer Needs to Know About

8 Essential Design Tools and WordPress Plugins Every Designer Needs to Know About Are you a designer looking to up your game and take your work to the next level? Look no further! In this video, we’ll be covering 8 essential design tools and WordPress plugins that every designer needs to know about. These resources will help you streamline your design process and create stunning, professional-quality work. So whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out in the design world, these tools are sure to become some of your go-to resources. CSS Animator: https://jo.my/cssheroanimator Mesher: https://csshero.org/mesher/ Loops & Logic: https://loopsandlogic.com/ Canva & Pixabay: https://canva.com https://pixabay.com Sapiens: https://sapiens.ui8.net/ Chat GPT: https://openai.com/blog/chatgpt/ QuillBot: https://quillbot.com LogoIpsum: https://logoipsum.com My Figma to WordPress Course: https://links.wptuts.co.uk/figma2wp Take your WordPress website and skills to the next level! ► THE TOOLS I LOVE ◄ If you like what we do and would like to support us, please consider using these affiliate links when purchasing any of the plugins covered in our tutorials. Thank you for your support. ► EXCLUSIVE WPTUTS DISCOUNTS ◄ ✅ WPVivid Backup Pro: https://jo.my/vividpro (use WPTUTS20 for 20% off) ✅ Project Huddle: https://jo.my/etafyp (WPTUTS for 20% off – Exclusive) ► MY PREFERRED HOSTING PROVIDERS ◄ ✅ CloudWays: https://jo.my/1feeng8 ✅ SiteGround: https://jo.my/sgwptuts ► WORDPRESS VISUAL PAGE BUILDERS ◄ ✅ ELEMENTOR PRO: https://jo.my/1s0t2s2 ✅ Brizy Pro: https://bit.ly/2Ji97r8 ✅ DIVI 3 Page Builder: http://bit.ly/2HiiDcE ► WORDPRESS THEMES ◄ ✅ GeneratePress Premium: http://bit.ly/2Ydn1SE ✅ OCEANWP: http://bit.ly/2fRHBr0 ✅ DIVI Theme: http://bit.ly/2G8JMiA ✅ Astra Pro: http://bit.ly/2zruoKn ► WORDPRESS TOOLS ◄ ✅ SMART SLIDER 3: http://bit.ly/2G0G1vB ✅ CSSHERO: http://bit.ly/2qbrRl6 ► WORDPRESS PLUGINS ◄ ✅ SEOPress Pro: https://jo.my/seopress ► SUBSCRIBE ◄ http://bit.ly/2rX7rhu ► LETS CONNECT: ◄ 👉 Twitter: https://twitter.com/WPTutz 👉 Facebook Group: https://wptuts.co.uk/facebook SUPPORT: Our website offers additional information and perks. Please check it out! http://wptuts.co.uk

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  1. Thank you very much. Excellent tutorial with lots of valuable content, tips and recommendations.
    Greetings from Santiago, Chile.😀👍

  2. one of the best WordPress-Pages i know: awesome explanation and packed with lots of info! Thanks a lot! 👏👏💥 🎆💥🎆🌟🌟🌟🎆💥👏👏👏👏👏🎆

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