A Lovely Breakfast In SWISS Business Class – Live and Let’s Fly

A Lovely Breakfast In SWISS Business Class - Live and Let's Fly

My Meal of the Week feature examines an airline meal from my travels over the years. This may be a meal from earlier in the week or it may be a meal served over a decade ago.

I recently flew SWISS from Zurich to Copenhagen on an early morning flight and was very pleased with the light but satisfying breakfast served onboard in business class.

SWISS Business Class Breakfast Always Hits The Spot

Even though the seat is the same as economy class, I greatly prefer business class on intra-europe flights because of the blocked middle seat and because you can generally look forward to a decent meal served onboard.

Shortly after takeoff, flight attendants sprang to action, offering a breakfast tray with choice of hot bread and beverage. There was no choice for the breakfast itself, but the tray included a number of nibbles including:

  • bircher muesli topped in berries 
  • Cheese (gouda and brie)
  • Meat (ham and bresaola)
  • Hardboiled egg sprinkled with chives

Throw in a hot croissant (bread rolls were also available for those who wanted to make sandwiches with the meat and cheese) as well as a glass of orange juice and a strong cup of coffee and you really have a nice breakfast to help pass time on the flight.

The good news is that if you are purchasing a long-haul business class ticket (whether revenue or mileage), the connecting flight(s) within Europe also book into business class, so it’s not like you have to pay a huge premium for these seats.


I enjoyed a nice breakfast in SWISS business class on an early morning flight to Copenhagen. Although the menu was simple, it was simply delicious, with high-quality ingredients that really hit the spot.

Do you enjoy breakfast on SWISS? 

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