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They are attached to the front surfaces of teeth for hiding dicolourations, brighten teeth and enhance smile. The veneers resemble natural enamel and are good alternatives to crown in many situations. Dental veneering is a very popular procedure in cosmetic dentistry.

Enamel contouring

This is also called teeth reshaping procedure. In this process, the dentist removes small amounts of surface enamel to eliminate some tooth imperfections such as chipped teeth, minor crowding, uneven front teeth, surface flaws, overlapping, etc. This is a simple painless procedure which is carried out in a single day. The dentist uses various tools to reshape the teeth and smoothen the edges. This procedure is suitable for people who have healthy teeth but an imperfect smile due to any of the above mentioned problems.

Dental implants

Dental implants are artificial roots that are implanted in the jaw bone to provide support to replacement tooth or bridge. Dental implant has become a popular option for people who suffer teeth loss due to a variety of reasons such as injury or periodontal disease. The implant can be used to support the artificial crown in case of a single missing tooth, bridges to replace many lost teeth or a full denture to replace all the teeth.

A cosmetic dentistwho is a specialist in periodontics would be well equipped with the necessary knowledge and instruments to carry out this procedure. Dental implants not only improve appearance and restore the smile but also improve oral health and speech.

Orthodontic operations and dental bonding are other cosmetic dentistry procedures available in Abbotsford.

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