Artificial Intelligence SURPRISING Thoughts on Silver Investing – AI Chatbot (ChatGPT)

In this video I talk to an AI Chatbot which is called ChatGTP about silver investing. The Artificial Intelligence is able to answer questions about silver. I asked the AI Chatbot about silver stacking, the price of silver in 2023, and what types of silver are the best for silver investing. I also asked about buying silver and silver investing 2023. I was blown away buy the response from Chat GTP and the knowledge about silver, silver coins, silver bars, and silver investing in general. I asked which is better silver coins or silver bars and the silver coins vs silver bars response was dead on! I may make some follow up videos and talk the the AI Chatbot ChatGTP about silver in some upcoming videos so let me know if that is something you would like to see. ✅ Check Out Silver Dragons on Rumble: ✅ Check Out Silver Dragons on Instagram: ✅ SIGMA METALYTICS PMV DISCOUNT: Sigma Metalytics ✅ Contact: [email protected] ✅ Silver Dragon’s Website: Thanks for watching!! Disclaimer: Some of the links are affiliate links where ill earn a small commission if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you. Topics I cover in this video: silver price, silver investing, investing in silver, silver stacking, buying silver, investing in precious metals, buying precious metals, stacking silver, when will silver price go higher, silver affects silver price, price of silver, silver investment, physical silver, silver bullion, silver bullion investing, silver coins, silver bars, silver coins and silver bars, silver coins vs silver bars, ai chatbot silver, ai chatbot on silver, chatgpt silver, chatgpt on silver, chatgtp silver investing, ai silver investing, artificial intelligence silver investing, silver investing advice, ai chatbot, ai chat bot, chatgpt, chat gpt #silver #silverstacking #preciousmetals

15 thoughts on “Artificial Intelligence SURPRISING Thoughts on Silver Investing – AI Chatbot (ChatGPT)

  1. Cool ,I think you should have asked is the COMEX(crimex) responsible for manipulation or Goldman and should they be in jail

  2. Ask it if mRNA vaccines have a long and trustworthy safety record, and if so, based on which specific peer-reviewed double-blind studies, and who funded those studies?

  3. Clickbait thumbnail has a robot saying ‘Silver Sucks’, but none of the ChatBot’s responses say anything like that. Seriously, it’s beneath you. I watch all your content. No need to rope in viewers with that kind of deception, and besides, you could well find that it backfires on you.

  4. Don’t be fooled SD, Skynet is just pretending to understand. Long live John Connor 👊👊🔥🔥🇺🇸🇺🇸

  5. A better question would be “What is the probability that silver will increase in value during 2023?” and you can break that down into percentile increments “What is the probability that silver will increase in value by X% during 2023?”. Not sure it will be able to give a better answer but it is at least not an open ended question with subjective variables that the AI has to take into account.

  6. i thought it did and so i checked. when you asked what is silver, it just copied the first line from wikipedia.

  7. Pretty much just like searching google and reading the answer at top…isn’t that all it’s doing lol.

  8. Ask it to write a skit about a black guy stealing a bike, will spit out politically correct nonsense, but no problem writing one about a white guy stealing copper. Ask it if white men are over represented in the media, no problem, but change white to Jews uuuhhhhh oohhhh.

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