Ask Yankee about Silver & Gold! πŸ₯ˆπŸ₯‡ (w/ Bullion and Trading Expert, Mukarram)

Join me and Mukarram Mawjood for a fun talk about silver and gold and the crazy precious metal markets! Mukarram will REALLY help improve your physical precious metals stacking and investing skills, so bring your questions for both of us tonight! πŸ‘ŒπŸ» πŸ”₯ Tonight GIVEAWAY is sponsored by SD Bullion! ➑ πŸ”₯ Mukarram Mawjood, CIO [email protected] 949.200.7047 (direct office line) β–ΆοΈŽ β–ΆοΈŽ Nicole Rosenthal, Mukarram’s Executive Assistant [email protected] 949.401.6897 πŸ₯‡πŸ₯ˆ ENTER THE SILVER MONSTER BOX SWEEPSTAKES! ➑ πŸ”” TEST YOUR METALS WITH THE POCKET PINGER! ➑ πŸ”₯ BECOME A “YANKEE CANNON” MEMBER TODAY ➑ πŸ’ͺ🏼 Hold our Government Accountable! ➑ πŸ‘š Buy Yankee Stacking Merch: πŸ’² SAVE $50 with Yankee’s Gold/Silver IRA custodian: πŸ”˜ Get your StickerMule stickers with a $10 discount: πŸ…Ώ PayPal / Venmo / Zelle / Email: [email protected] πŸ’Œ Mailing Address: Yankee Stacking, PO Box 671, Londonderry, NH 03053 πŸ’• My uPVC Coin Flips ➑ πŸ’• My Half Dollar Guardhouse πŸ“¦ ➑ πŸ’• My Quarter Guardhouse πŸ“¦ ➑ πŸ’• My 🎀 ➑ πŸ’• My🎀 Stand ➑ πŸ’• My🎀 to iPhone Adapter ➑ πŸ’• MyπŸ“±Camera Tripod ➑ πŸ’• My Computer Monitor ➑ πŸ’• My Coin/Mouse Mat ➑ πŸ’• My Prepper Bidet (Who needs TP!) ➑ πŸ’• My Digital Scale ➑ πŸ’• My Mini Water Filter ➑ πŸ’• My Family Sized Water Filter ➑ and πŸ’• My Emergency Food ➑ DISCLAIMERS/TERMS/RULES: β–ΆοΈŽ I am not a professional financial adviser, nor do I offer financial advice. This video is for entertainment only. Please consult your investment and tax experts for financial advice. β–ΆοΈŽ This channel adheres to Google and YouTube’s Terms of Service, Privacy Policies and Community Guidelines. β–ΆοΈŽ I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Some of the above links are affiliate links where I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. β–ΆοΈŽ Official Disclaimers: β–ΆοΈŽ Official Giveaway Rules: β–ΆοΈŽ Google’s Privacy Policy: β–ΆοΈŽ YouTube Terms of Service: β–ΆοΈŽ YouTube Community Guidelines: All entries which don’t comply with YouTube’s Community Guidelines will be disqualified. ————————————————————————————– Music By: “Three Little Drummers from the George Washington Show” and “Bugle Feature: Pezel Twist from Warlike Musick” by The United States Army Old Guard: Music By: Music licensed under a Creative Commons Public Domain Mark 1.0 License: Topics Discussed: silver, silver dealer, gold, bullion dealer, coin shop dealer, president, congress, economy, recession, interest rates, banks, inflation, precious metals, bitcoin, digital currencies, CBDCs, central banks, FED, federal reserve, invest, fiat currency, price of silver, price of gold, spot price, what silver to buy, debt, wealth, silver stacking, stacking silver, stacking gold, silver bullion, gold coins, gold bullion, investing, investing in silver, how to invest in silver, how to invest in gold #Silver #Gold #PreciousMetals

19 thoughts on “Ask Yankee about Silver & Gold! πŸ₯ˆπŸ₯‡ (w/ Bullion and Trading Expert, Mukarram)

  1. Hey Yankee you ought to have a color changing mug made after Tim if you put something cold in it Tim turns a certain color or the background does and if you put something warm in it it changes to another color πŸ˜œπŸŒ™πŸ’«βœ¨

  2. Good morning Yankee, thank you for all that you do for the stacking community. I sent you my address for the Buffalo, just wanted to make sure you got the email. Love the channel content and I’m excited to receive my first big coin. Thank you sir!

  3. I don’t buy silver quarters dimes nickels because there expensive and you have to weigh them and there what 90% silver all too confusing πŸ€”

  4. Yankee: Really enjoy your youtube content, particularly those with coin dealer Tim. Need your opinion on a recent purchase of a 1,000 count bag of junk mercury dimes from APMAX where I found what appears to be 50 uncirculated dimes. Do you have any explanation as to why this might happen?

  5. I have a question for you Yankee….. Do you think that if times got so tough that the acting president at the time would do what FDR did in 1933 considering everybody seems to be hoarding gold including other countries the bricks Nations how do you feel about this

  6. So, let me get this straight. I make ether, I buy your country with my ether. Then when it evaporates at room temperature. You have nothing and I have your country?

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