BALLARD* 24-Hour Oral Care Kits In-Service

One thought on “BALLARD* 24-Hour Oral Care Kits In-Service

  1. The fact, that Medical insurance won’t cover HOME VAP prevention kits is TRAGIC! WHY? A fully mechanical ventilator dependent patient, who cannot swallow, who might have an altered mental status, and who cannot brush their teeth on their own, can get VAP, just as easily as a Ventilator patient in the hospital can. You can brush that patient’s teeth like anybody else does at home, with the store grade toothpaste on the marked, but I don’t think this is enough! And plus the home ventilator patient, you know what they get? They get the uncovered archaic Yankauer devices, that are UNSANITARY, and quite frankly, should’ve been done away with A VERY LONG TIME AGO! I think patients on ventilators at home deserve hospital grade VAP prevention! I could go on, and on! Medical Insurance, and DMEs, are doing their ventilator dependent patients, a HORRIBLE disservice! I know my opinion isn’t standard opinion, but I AM NOT STANDARD BY ANY MEANS! I’m a Ventilator Dependent patient, who by no means, thinks like a patient! I THINK LIKE AN RT! I’ll tell you right now. I don’t have a Non-Sleeved Yankauer in this house! The ones I have are Sleeved! I have managed to get several VAP oral care kits, and I use them Q-2 hrs!Not only that, when I’m in the hospital, I use these oral care VAP prevention kits as I get them from the RTs and Nurses, and USE THEM!

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