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The global media and entertainment market is growing rapidly every year, and online gaming is a huge part of that growth. There are many types of gaming, such as social games, massively multiplayer online games (MMOs), and mobile games, but mobile games are particularly popular with children and teens. Globally, mobile gaming is expected to generate the largest portion of gaming revenue by 2023. Two popular games are responsible for that. In 2018, players spent over one billion dollars on Candy Crush Saga, a popular mobile game. A second game, Pokémon GO, earned ten million unique visitors each month. The Pokémon GO game resulted in severe injuries to players, unlike Candy Crush, which engaged kids in a challenging challenge.What are the real consequences of online games for children? Are there any benefits of letting your children play online games? Well, the answer to this complicated question is yes. They should be allowed to play as long as it is in moderation. This post talks about some of the main benefits of online games.

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On that note, below are some of the reasons why online gaming should be accessible to all children:

Encourages Reading

A critical aspect of video games is the way they tell stories. It is clear that you can miss this when you look at action-oriented games. The story is all that remains when you remove conflict. In addition to enjoying the story, children gain a deeper understanding of what is happening as their attention is focused on the storyline. Children are often captivated by stories.

A complex story is only one factor that contributes to children’s development. Games can help children tell stories. As an example, Storysmash creates computer games with Twine.

There is no limit to what children can create, whether it is in terms of style, setting, plot, or characters.

Enhances Increased Creativity

School used to be largely divided into arts and sciences some time ago. Games today encourage creativity and interest in fine arts, which is beneficial for society. It is actually possible to categorize countless video games under this heading. It is true that all video games promote creativity to some extent. Parental guidance might be necessary, however.

Provides a Chance to Lead

It is common for children to take turns leading and following when playing video games in groups, depending on whose skills are needed. Playing video games has been associated with leadership skills such as persuasion, motivating others, and resolving conflict, according to Nick Yee of the Palo Alto Research Center. Teenagers have the rare opportunity to be part of and sometimes lead multi-age teams in online multiplayer games. As long as you can lead your team to victory, no one cares how old you are.

Offers A Sense Of Belonging

Children who play video games often feel a sense of belonging that they may not experience elsewhere. Some kids don’t experience a sense of community from their peers, they may not be interested in sports or being part of a team, or they may not have any other means of connecting with their peers. The fact that more than 70% of the gameplay involves collaboration or competition emphasizes the interactive nature of video games rather than other screen time activities, which are passive.

Bringing Online Skills Offline

Playing video games and playing active games don’t necessarily have to be separate activities. According to new research, children often adapt ideas from video games when playing in their gardens, on their trampolines, or even when riding a bicycle.

It’s possible to help the child adapt to the real world even if some games don’t seem to translate. Is your child a fan of Fortnite? Create a Fortnite diary for him/her. Has the child ever played Pokemon games? Make up new Pokemon with your child.

Great For Stress Release

Some kids need time to ‘turn off’ when they get home from school. Many kids find it emotionally draining to participate, to be present, and to interact with others all day long. The benefits of playing video games have been reported to be enormous for those who want to unwind without having to deal with others’ demands.

Wrapping Up

Children of all ages can benefit greatly from video games as a source of learning. Playing video games can provide your child with many benefits, including those listed below. There is, of course, a need for moderation as well as guidance.



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