Education is the best investment in a person’s lifetime. In today’s world good quality education can decide a bright and promising career for students. Quality does not necessarily mean expensive. It just means the right choice at the right time.

Becoming a doctor is a very prestigious and fulfilling career. It also requires hard work, dedication and discipline. Also what makes it challenging is availability of seats in colleges. In India the seats available for students is far less than what is needed. Therefore countries like UKRAINE are becoming the first choice among students who wish to pursue MBBS and become doctors.The first thing, among other things that comes to parents and students mind is BUDGET.

So let’s get a clear picture of what kind of budget is needed to study MBBS in UKRAINE.


Tuition fees play the most important role in budgeting your academic journey. It is also the biggest part of the budget. MBBS IN UKRAINE is a 6 year course. If we look at the top universities which provide high quality education at affordable prices the tuition fees ranges from $3,500 to $5,000 per year. So for a 6 year duration tuition fees will be around $21,000 to $30,000 which is definitely good news. Also as the tuition fees are paid every year the cost is spread out during the entire duration making it easy and affordable.


The second important bit is accommodation. Although tuition fee is quite consistent among universities throughout UKRAINE, there can be a lot of variation with accommodation depending on city and type of accommodation a student chooses to live in. In general the choices are university hostels, shared accommodation which is usually a flat or an individual flat with no sharing. In university hostels there can be 2 students to 4 students in a room. There are attached toilet bathrooms available or can be shared per floor or area of a floor in the hostel. The kitchen and washing facilities are also spread around each floor for ease of use. The cost per student can be $60 to $130 per month depending on city and type of room.

In later years of their study Students also decide to live with friends and share a flat.

Generally flats are expensive to rent in bigger cities like KIEV which is a capital city. Overall 2/3 bedroom flat can cost around $300-$800 per month depending on the location. The utility bills like heating, gas, electricity can be included or excluded depending on the agreement. Usually it can cost up to $50-$100 per month again depending upon factors like usage etc.


Food is one of the most important and deciding factors while choosing a country for a lot of people. It makes it more important for parents who choose to send their kids abroad for MBBS in UKRAINE.

UKRAINE has great variety of food available. Its soil is rich and fertile making a good crop and cheap also. Hostel food mess is a great alternative for students who don’t want to or like to cook. Also it helps them to focus on studies rather spending time cooking. Lots of university hostel mess serves Indian food for Indian students. As a general practise breakfast and dinner is served during weekdays and canteen is open during lunch hours if someone wants to order food. On weekends and holidays meals might be served at different times depending on the mess policy.

The cost is usually around $100 per month for hostel students.

General food prices in UKRAINE are as follows:

Milk (per lit ) -$ 0.5- $1

Bread – $ 0.4 – 0.8

Eggs (12) – $ 1- 1.2

Rice (1 Kg) – $ 1- 1.2

Fruits (1kg) – $1 onwards.

Vegetables (1 kg) – $0.4 onward.

Chicken (1 kg) – $3.5 – 4

Meat (1 kg) – $ 5 – 6

There are also canteen style restaurants where you can choose plates or bowls of food. Meal in an inexpensive restaurant can cost $3 onwards.


Travel is relatively cheaper in UKRAINE. There are various ways to travel in UKRAINE. You can use a bus, tram, metro or taxi. One way travel on public transport is approx $0.25. Monthly travel pass can cost around $10 onward. Minimum tariff of taxi is approx $1.5 There are national rail services to travel between cities and it is quite affordable.


Mobile and internet:

For approx $5 students can get a good package for mobile and internet usage.

Cinema (per person): Approx $3.5 onward.

Fitness club (per month): $20 onward.

Medicine is a bit expensive in Ukraine so it is advisable to carry basic medicine during travel. General day to day products are easily available in super markets all over UKRAINE.

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