Customer informs Labour prospect why cost-free broadband pla…

Customer informs Labour prospect why cost-free broadband plan is the “worst suggestion ever before” This customer, that has a net solution carrier, informed this Labour prospect: “You’re speaking outright rubbish! Free broadband is the worst concept ever before. Customer Leslie, that began an access provider 18 years back as well as has 15,000 links in the UK asked: “How in the world are we mosting likely to contend versus totally free broadband? And also can you call me a solitary access provider that remains in favour of your plan?” #LBC #GeneralElection #Labour See to it you never ever miss out on a solitary word of our world-leading conversation by subscribing right here: Enjoy More Here: Brexit: The Nigel Farage Show: James O’Brien: Iain Dale: Donald Trump: Learn even more regarding just how to pay attention along and also participate the discussion at This is not your normal talk radio stream. LBC is the leading YouTube network for real-time discussion around the information and also existing events. We have real-time meetings and also disputes and also you can also telephone in to participate in the discussion. Subscribe to the once a week LBC e-newsletter for the e-mail information summary:

This customer, that possesses a net solution supplier, informed this Labour prospect: “You’re chatting outright rubbish! Free broadband is the worst suggestion ever before. You’ve no suggestion what you’re doing to wreck this sector.” LBC is the leading YouTube network for online discussion around the information as well as existing events.

17 thoughts on “Customer informs Labour prospect why cost-free broadband pla…

  1. 3 years on and after work from home how integral was the internet. The net is an integral part of how the world works and is now a home essential compared to 10-15 years ago where it was still a luxury. I know this guy owns a net provider but i also know people who worked for a net provider who voted for labour for this policy, they didn’t think there job was at threat and saw the benefits over all for them and others. I think he’s more worried about his profits rather than anything else but we will never know now unfortunately with the criminals people voted in instead.

  2. first rate example of a politician not answering any of the questions put to him while repeating the mantra of things need to change – he is not listening and consequently couldn’t care less as he shows his mind is already made up………

  3. What a selfish caller. Yes millions will benefit but me and my 17 staff will have to find a way to adapt to a changing market so it’s a ‘very bad thing’.

  4. Really??? British people do not want free broadband ???????????? Well, not surprising, they already don’t want free education and free healthcare…

  5. I have travelled around the world and internet is much faster and cheaper in south Asian countries than in the UK.

  6. When you don’t understand Finance – like Labour most certainly do not – this is the kind of thinking that prevails. You remember the last Labour Government led by Gordon Brown left a note in the Treasury saying “The kitty was bare”! They really do believe in the Money Tree – in other words – herd earned money from the Tax Payer. No Economic ideas what so ever.

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