China Gold Buying Spree Continues in December.

#gold #brics #china #money #dollar today we will look at how 2022 turned out to be a big year for gold as Central banks bought the most gold since 1967. We also saw the PBOC, China’s Central Bank, buy gold in November and again in December of 2022. We will be doing our usual Q & A as well. SUPPORT MANECO64: Use promo code maneco64 to get a 0.5% discount on physical gold and silver bullion purchases in the U.K. at Affiliation with @ITM TRADING, INC. in the U.S. βœ… Click Here For A FREE Gold & Silver Wealth Strategy Call With Lynette’s Team ➑ or call 866-989-4368 Use referral code Billy or maneco64 at Miles Franklin Precious Metals Investments in the U.S.: Email: [email protected] GlintPay App, Save and Spend in Gold – Use referral code MarioGlint79

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21 thoughts on “China Gold Buying Spree Continues in December.

  1. Good for you, Mario! I like you’re wise tale on everything. All the fear mongering is just to sell prepper stuff. Congratulations on the new puppy.

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      Let’s discuss πŸ‘†

  2. Silver will head to $28 spot in Q1 but then fall once a recession is β€œofficially” announced in the US and will cause the US dollar to temporarily rise again on the DXY.

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      Mesg me πŸ“₯

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      Hit up πŸ‘†

  3. Mario I didn’t know the origins of a Troy Ounce until this live stream. Your channel is one of the most informative and educational in the space.

  4. For more than a decade silver has failed to reach its 2011/12 high so much blather and silver has remained in a trading range for more than a decade. Wars, sky-high inflation pandemics stole elections food riots, and a host of other calamities but silver remains well below its high. Why would anyone invest for the long term with such a record.? If you invested at its high in 2011/12 you will never recover your money.

    1. Or just keep your money in the bank either way it’s stale but with silver you are the bank. If you don’t hold it you don’t own it.

  5. I think the difference between now and in the 30’s (in the US) is: people back then were of a more adventurous spirit building new business and families; still exploring, inventing with an instinctively strong work ethic. Values of Western govts have since become frivolous, selfish and untrustworthy — a reflection/magnification of societal values. Our values have fuckin-TANKED πŸ™‚ It’ll backfire as throughout history, but now the planet is “itemized.” Different ball game.

  6. Thank you Sir, A Gift from the sky,,, Buy Buy Buy physical, Any fiat left Repeat, They cant print Silver /Gold

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