“Dated” Interior Design Trends WE NEED TO SAVE!!!

Do NOT get rid of these “dated” interior design trends! just like all trends they are on their way back in and you will regret getting rid of them even if they are “dated”! #datedtrends #garrettlechic #interiordesign Comment, Like and Subscribe! Follow Me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/garrettlechic/ Videos To Watch: Best Trends For 2023: https://youtu.be/-5MK_JGTGKY Interior Design Basics You Need To Know: https://youtu.be/lXQDSCu159Q Design Styles I Don’t Like And How To Fix Them: https://youtu.be/nj-FbAfdnUM My Unpopular Design Opinions:https://youtu.be/0Obfwv2Qud8 Shop My Amazon Store: https://www.amazon.com/shop/garrettlechic Studio Details: *My Drapes: https://rstyle.me/+fCWWkxN6sirHyVPECrWk6g My sofa: https://www.kardiel.com/swagger-83-fabric-sofa-blanc-boucle/ Artwork by Itzchak Tarkay Wall Color: Valspar “Asiago” 6005-1A * Indicates an affiliate link Welcome to the channel! I’m formally educated with a college degree in interior design. My husband and I started this channel to discuss practical real world interior decorating techniques, and to present a multitude of interior design styles. Our videos explore everything from the ultra luxury to budget friendly designs, and decorating ideas. We want you to have a good time watching our videos, while learning a great deal of useful information. Subscribers are not a commodity to us. They are very respected, and valued members of our channel family! This Video Is Not Sponsored

16 thoughts on ““Dated” Interior Design Trends WE NEED TO SAVE!!!

  1. I love hearing that some of the more traditional items and colors are coming back “in.” Who knew that I would ever be a trendsetter!?! 😆 Your point about refinishing rather than painting wood pieces and trim is spot on if one doesn’t like the color of their wood, but doesn’t want to paint it. I had tile counters in two homes – HATED them – and would never have them again! I couldn’t easily get them clean, and rolling things out was difficult. If you like the charm of tile in your kitchen, get a tile top bistro table, a tiled lamp, or a mosaic accent piece to put on your counter. (Your clean solid surface counter!) 🤗 Thank you for more great tips and trends, Garrett!!! I always love your videos, especially when your fur babies get a cameo!!! 🤗🥰🤗 Colleen

  2. So excited for Oil Rubbed Bronze to come back in style! I have a lovely modern bed frame in oil rubbed bronze and I’ve been trying to add in some oil rubbed bronze accents for years. Can’t wait for some modern options!

  3. Keep an old pantry and add in a dresser or Hoosier or possum belly cabinet to make a coffee bar. Love your suggestions, Garrett. I said the yellow comment, and you are so right. Please urge people to shellac first if they feel they must paint historic wood. A couple coats goes on easily and quickly and will be dry in about 2 hrs and can act as your primer. It makes the later paint removal much much easier, as the paint can’t fill in all those nicks and corners in the wood where it’s so much more difficult to remove. Thanks for another helpful video! Happy Birthday to your sweet Albert.

  4. Happy 88th Birthday Albert!🎉🐾🐾🎊 I love my wooden cabinets & wood window trim!🖤 Thanks to your prior advice, I did not spray paint my metal kitchen pulls black. I was just bored; so glad I didn’t 👀

  5. Hi Garret! I would love a video of styles and colors that in your opinion will always look good and not necessarily go out of style. As much as I like to know what’s in and what’s dated I’m more interested in what’s always going to be in. Is that even a thing? 😂 either way thank you!

  6. Garrett, what are your thoughts on painting the outside of brick homes ? In TX most homes are brick. Lord of people are painting them white. It looks ok now, but I’m not sure they won’t regret it one day?

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