DIY Camper Van W/ Full Bathroom + Remote Work in Alaska

Tiny Living Course – All Things Tiny – Subscribe For Weekly Newsletter : Tiny Home Tours Podcast : Life On The Road In A Skoolie Newsletter : Interested In Being Featured On The Channel? : Are you considering a skoolie build? Check this out – Subscribe For More Videos : Subscribe For Life On The Road Videos : VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Steph and Alejo went for a vacation, and instead of getting a hotel, they chose to rent a van. This small decision led them to research van life, and after several van rentals, they dove into a DIY project of building on their own! Their design provides ample storage, especially for clothes and excess pantry foods. Forty gallons of fresh water supports a full kitchen and wet bath with a shower used every day!  In the back are four windows pulling in natural light and a camera to record their three pups. Alejo and Steph have better access to off-grid locations with all-terrain tires and an E-bike to get them back into town on quick trips. The large dining/office space quickly converts into a spacious bedroom with a few wood inserts and maneuvering of the cushions.  Insta: Her Insta: YouTube: Shot by: @theaveragebrad Edited by: @sagetraveling 00:00 Introduction 00:40 Camper Van Kitchen 02:28 Camper Van Closet 03:23 Camper Van Bathroom 05:01 Why a Camper Van 06:37 Camper Van Convertible Dining/Bedroom 11:27 Making Money on the Road 13:30 Camper Van for Pets 14:00 Camper Van Exterior ______________________________BONUS CONTENT_____________________________________ Nature’s Head Toilet With Bonuses – Tiny House & Skoolie Build Gear – Tiny Home Tours Facebook – Tiny Home Tours Instagram – Life On The Road Newsletter – Want To See More Skoolie Videos? – Need Something On Amazon? Shop With This Link –

18 thoughts on “DIY Camper Van W/ Full Bathroom + Remote Work in Alaska

  1. I like your built, you did your homework, you learned what you wanted, and didn’t want. My question is how, or where do you get rid off your dark water?

  2. good morning
    your van seems very comfortable. I am impressed with your bathroom. can we know where you got the toilet and the shower floor. we want exactly this model.
    thank you and congratulations for your beautiful design

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  3. Definitely one of the most practical and well thought out vans I’ve seen for full time living.

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  4. Beautiful couple, with a beautiful build, I love that this couple built a bathroom in their van you don’t see that much on DIY van conversions. Also they have quite abit of cupboard space in their van which also really good to see. This is a wonderfully thought out space for them and their beautiful fur babies.

  5. Congratulations as a couple you look so loving and happy. You have a great build your fur babies look loved ,healthy, and socialized. You have made the American dream come true in a small space on four wheels! While this may not be idea for all the freedom and happiness you have is priceless! Loving the fact that your family of five lives change each and every time you open the doors….. prayers for you to stay safe in your travels

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