DIY Mercedes Sprinter Camper Van – Full-Time Working Nomad

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18 thoughts on “DIY Mercedes Sprinter Camper Van – Full-Time Working Nomad

  1. Great build. Lovely, positive guy who turned a personal loss into a life changing journey. Congratulations and have fun achieving your five year goals.

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  2. Finally, a custom van made with unique ideas instead of the normal run-of-the-mill half naked woman showing us cutlery drawers.

    Love the solenoid shower, thats smart AF. Also love the fold-down cupboard inners for the mirror and future monitor. The rearview monitor is sick, too. I’ll be using these ideas for SURE.

  3. My only suggestion is to protect all those exposed connections at 14:23. All it takes is something metallic to shift while driving that shorts out some lugs, and the whole thing goes up in flames. Electricity is one of those things that is simple and inert until it blindsides you in catastrophic fashion. Waiting until fall is too long.

  4. It’s a beautiful build, but it’s dark for me. Great lighting wouldn’t be enough for me, I’d need everything to be white, although I think it looks better the way he has it. I like this guy’s personality, he’s very friendly and approachable.

  5. I have seen a ton of these videos and yours speaks to me in how honest you are and also how much thought you put into your build. Thank you. Any chance you could provide the information for pedal and solenoid for hands-free shower. I plan to do the same for the sink when washing dishes.

  6. Great setup. Consider adding a sink cover to increase your table top space. Also, keep your eye out for some more lifepo4 batteries

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