Do welfare vans make good campervans

Beck’s channel I recommend this 2KW Air Diesel Heater from Amazon perfect for camper vans. with LCD, Thermostat Monitor, Remote Control, 10L Tank The all new maXpeedingroods diesel heater,s 5KW Diesel Heater with Bluetooth All in one Diesel Heater Bluetooth Control 12V AC DC Power Adapter for diesel heaters Beck’s channel Everything i use in my camper van you will find here Camper van build parts list buy me a coffee and i will send you a sticker . your support is really appreciated Another way to get stickers is through paypal £5.00 Remember to include name and address Treasure hunting equipment I use Minelab Equinox 800 Metal Detector Minelab Excalibur II Metal Detector Garrett Pro-Pointer at Evolution 360 Sandscoop Scubapro Nova Scotia Semi Dry 7-5 mm Crewsaver Crewfit Sport Non-Harness Manual Life Jacket Filming equipment that i use Sony Alpha ZV-E10 | APS-C Mirrorless Interchangeable-Lens Vlog Camera Sony E 11 mm F1.8 | APS-C Wide Angle Prime Lens (SEL11F18) Zhiyun Crane M3 Gimbal 3-Axis Handheld Stabilizer GoPro HERO 9 Black DSLR Microphone Heavy Duty Video Tripod with Video Fluid Head, SOONSUN Dome Port for GoPro Hero 10 Hero 9 Black I use this scanner to keep my sprinter running and on the road iCarsoft Professional Multi-System Auto Diagnostic Tool US here’s a link to my woodstove (affiliate link) All products Revolution outside Laundry Locations Beck’s channel 0:00 waffle on wednesday 0:55 Do welfare vans make good campervans 3:32 kettle for a wood burner 5:17 Why i don’t have a dog 6:20 would a whale submersible pump be ok with a triflow filter 6:56 Troll of the week 9:00 what music do you use #waffleonwednesday #vanlife #bigvansmallworld #rvlife #melsvanlife #melsvanworld #vanlifeuk

21 thoughts on “Do welfare vans make good campervans

  1. #WaffleOnWednesday, Hi Mel, I really enjoy the channel, thank you. Quick Question!!!! I have a Transit Custom which I am converting. I’ve installed a Smev Sink/Hob unit. Would the water filter system you have work with the collapsable Smev tap system?

  2. Hi Mel, 2 questions, do you have a CCTV system? I’ve been looking, but struggle to find one that blends in with my stealth facade.
    Also I have just rewatched your quiet pump video, could you do a comparison noise test between the pump when it was new and now its bedded in? Just interested to see if time does actually make a difference to the noise level.

  3. Good waffle. I do remember your cats and forgot about them! I quite like the look of the mobile eye clinic van I saw outside a medical centre once. I bet they come with some home comforts too.

  4. Hi Mel …. I hope Your ‘Troll-Of-The-Week’ Troll’s Amazon & eBay as well … Because they’ve done MORE! to LIFT the Chinese Economy into the Super-Economy that it is today than any ONE Youtuber 😂😂 …. And – WE! – are ALL as Complicit as each other 🙂

    1. Thank you Brian that’s very kind of you we wish you all the best for 2023 too 👍🤓👍

  5. People having children right now surely must wonder what the electricity price per kWh will be when they are 10 maybe it will be 10 pounds

  6. These type of vans usually spend a lot of time with the engine running on idle, not good for the engine.

  7. # From Chris Smith. Hi Mel, great blog. I have retired from motorhomes after owning 3 in the last 35 years. If you had a gas system in your van would you travel without turning off the gas at the bottle. My own belief is if you were involved in an accident and the gas leaked and caused damage your insurance would be invalid. Over the years I don’t think I have ever seen anybody advising travelling with the gas turned off ,although I have seen people advise travelling with it on to keep the fridge alight. What are your views. Chris

  8. Wondering what the panoramic style print is behind you always intrigues me wondering what it is, whilst listening to your very informative words of advice. Thank you for the great vids kp up the great work! -Ash #WaffleOnAWednesday

  9. Must admit I have always thought that when I convert my (yet to be bought) van to RV use, I would look for a base vehicle that was already insulated and already had windows – simply because the quality of workmanship would probably be better than anything I could achieve. I hadn’t thought of Welfare vans but they seem to fit the bill very well.

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