Dog License Applications Due April 30

Dog License Applications Due April 30

Weston dogs Churchill and Winston at Sunday’s Wes-TEN filming

Live in Weston and have a dog? Don’t forget to license Finley, Lasagna, or Fenway by April 30 or face a very large fine. Oh, wait, only $25? Hmmmm. That is the cheapest thing in Weston. Get multiple dogs. If I were in charge, I would think that maybe we should up that fee a. bit. That might pay for some dog poop barrels, DPW pickup of said barrels and/or Cat Rock monitoring–and I would get fewer requests for the above. Let’s charge $30 per dog and have $5 go to a slush fund for pooper scoopering. Wait, got off track.

State law requires all dogs older than six months to be licensed annually. If you have a brand new floofy puppy, the licensing process is totally different: you send an email to the Owl so she can come over and play with said puppy, experience puppy breath and joy, and then go home to her senior dog and relax. No charge. Also no license. Also a joke (just making sure here).

Could you scofflaw this? Yes. Do you want to? No. Dog licensing means that the Animal Control Officer will be able to find you quickly if your dog gets lost and found across town. The license period is January 1st – December 31st. All dogs in Weston must be licensed no later than April 30th. 

In reality, the main reason to license your dog is for the Owl’s joy in compiling the annual Dog Issue. In 2021, we met leonbergers and cockapoos, labradors and Australian shepherds. In 2022, I just never got to the Dog Issue. Owl fail. In any case, I now await new names and perhaps a golden retriever challenge to the lead-dog Labrador dog breed. Or doodles–though technically I file those under the mutt moniker. I mean Katie Puppy is a labrador-coonhound-poodle mix and you don’t hear me calling her a labcoonadoodle. Mutt. I cannot wait for my fan mail on that point. You can read the 2021 Dog Issue here.

Now for the officialese:

Dog Licenses may be purchased through the mail or at the Town Clerk’s Office. Proof of rabies immunization must accompany the application and payment. Renewals may be done online so long as the up-to-date rabies certificate is on file with the Town Clerk.

Licensing Fees
  • $15 for a spayed/neutered dog
  • $25 for a dog not spayed/neutered
  • $25 for failure to license

More information can be found on the Town webpage here. Or this photo here:

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