Domination by Technology

I thought a recent comment was worth publishing as a blog post, so here it is, below. I have mentioned this site before, but it seems its functionality has now been considerably enhanced. Enhanced enough I think, to be rather scary!

The Comment

Hello Mistress Scarlet,

I just wanted to bring a resource to your attention, THE WEBSITE: WRITE FOR ME.

I stumbled across it while researching (at her request) remote ways my wife can continue her domination of me while she moves away for a few months for work. I believe it could be a useful resource for some of your followers. The site allows the dominant partner to set a line which must be typed x times by the submissive: mistakes are counted and can be punished by immediately added additional lines. Stopping for more than x seconds can also incur additional lines, and there are other options such as interruptions via messages which appear on the screen as frequently as desired.

My wife is SO excited at the idea of me being forced to stay up late completing these pointless tasks for her – without any need to monitor me – receiving a full report of my success or failure in the morning. She has decided my performance will be tied to any chance of release I may get when she returns to visit.

Hope it’s helpful to someone else!


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