Embarrassing, Painful Mystery Spots On Nose And Ear Send Me To Dermatologist!

In Today’s VLOG I Go Get Some Spots On My Face And Ears Checked Out By A Doctor. Hope You Enjoy! CVK Thank you RV Mattress by Brooklyn Bedding for sponsoring! Visit https://www.rvmattress.com/campervankevin to get 20% off your mattress with code campervankevin. Lectric Bicycles- My Affiliate Link: https://lectricebikes.sjv.io/QOkBEA Sungoldpower Inverters/Chargers/Solar Panels- My Affiliate Link: https://sungoldpower.com/?ref=Campervan%20Kevin https://www.litime.com/?ref=o4p29Ai8XAqCHY -My Affiliate Link If You Decide To Purchase An Ampere Time Battery And/Or Charger. Use coupon code CVK for 4% off sitewide Ampere Time website: https://www.amperetime.com/?ref=TqKMYtDU Discount code: CVK4 (4% off sitewide) https://www.patreon.com/Campervankevin – support CVK here For As Little As $1 Per Month You Can Support The Channel Directly Here! I See This As Nothing More Than A Tip Jar. If You Get Value And/Or Entertainment From My Work Please Consider Tipping Me For My Work. IT IS VERY MUCH APPRECIATED. Pledging Just A Little Here Shows Me Just How Much My Hard Work Means To My Viewers I Create Content For! THANK YOU! This Helps Keep Gas In The RV Tank And The Woof Pack And I On The Road Making Content For You! https://www.paypal.me/CampervanKevin​ – Paypal https://www.facebook.com/CampervanKevin ​ – join CVK Facebook. Join Us For More Up To Date Happenings Here GPS- Garmin GPS Model Number 760 NA-LMT-S With Back Up Camera Camera; Samsung S21 and Gopro Hero, Gopro6

19 thoughts on “Embarrassing, Painful Mystery Spots On Nose And Ear Send Me To Dermatologist!

  1. Kevin grandma has rosacea there’s natural things that you can use to control it give me some time to get it together and I’ll send it to you you behave yourself and keep those pants on now hahaha

  2. I have, had, Rosacea. It hasn’t shown up on my face for years now. Whew! Good for you, Kevin, taking care of yourself! Your friend Bill is with you Kevin. Never doubt it. But I do understand you’re missing him. We miss the physical. Love you Mr. Kevin. Even though I’m pretty sure you don’t read my messages, I’ll continue to write ’em. 😍 👃

  3. Kevin, what you got going there on your nose and ears. Can be quickly and easily remedied. By the use of a, “medicated”, dandruff shampoo. Not the ones that have the selenium. Not the ones with the, coal tar. But the ones that contain, 2-3%, salicylic acid. It’s designed for people with,, psoriasis, eczema. Gentle enough to use on your scalp. I find it’s great on my face and ears. And it makes your appearance slightly more youthful. As a gently exfoliates, that top layer of dead skin cells.

    Major commercial dandruff shampoo manufacturers. Some offer it. Some don’t. Generics are available from, CVS, Walgreens. And those feature, no coloring no fragrance. I won’t use anything else. And haven’t. Now for over 37 years. And is better than any other, facial wash or scrub. Such as those designed for, acne. And psoriasis and eczema. It’s just marvelous stuff. Your girlfriends will love it. It’ll make them feel great. It makes them even more smooth and lovable. And it gets rid of fine wrinkles. Which is why they will love it. And it’s good for your skin. As it allows it to breathe better. And not be clogged up from dead skin cells. I mean they’re dead. They are rotting on your face. And affecting healthy cells around them. And when the cells get super irritated. You get that. And so has something to do with your hygiene.

    You should just go to a nice beauty spa. And get a facial. TV personalities do. I worked with them for 20 years! You’re now a TV personality Kevin. You need to keep your looks up. You’ve got a lot of horny female fans and viewers. And they are horny for Yorkshire Terriers. I don’t know why they want to pick on little dogs like that? When they could have you instead. Me? I don’t swing that way. I generally prefer, Lesbians. But I am willing to, compromise. Once we bump into each other. Home on the range.. Where the dealers and the cantaloupe, play. Though I must admit. I’ve never seen any cantaloupes that play. They taste good but. Their bellies are all bloated. And they just sit around. Waiting to be eaten. But I digress. You’re just as beautiful as any other cantaloupe, Kevin.

    You just need to scrub a little bit more. To exfoliate your skin, better. I mean you could also use, Emery cloth. If that seems a little more manly? And I might recommend a 600 grit. And 800. For, polishing your nose. I used to polish, studio tape recorder heads that way. It should work on your nose. It’s very fine very smooth. And you only need to get the top layer or two. Don’t press hard and don’t scrub back and forth quickly. Your nose is not like Pinocchio’s. And your wood will not go back. I should know. I had sex change surgery, decades ago. And it does not come back.

    Oh and since my husband of 22 years died a few years ago. I’m single again. Aunt you are kind of cute. Especially with those pooches. They make you look, Grand.. They are great company to hang out with. And they never complain. They are the only love you can buy. And they always want to please. All they want is some food and some love. And they endow you with their poop. To show you how much they love you. And they are quite congenial about that. Letting you know they loved dinner last night. Otherwise they would vomit. On the living room carpet. Because it looks like grass. And dogs are not, litter box compatible. I mean I suppose they could me? What about trading their Yorkshire Terriers with litter boxes? I meet why do you have to jump and take that out every time they want to go? Make a little entrance ramp for a litter box. So they don’t have to jump into it. With a full bladder. The site is harder to jump when you have to poop. And thinking go one direction. The poop could go the other. And that’s why you want a ramp to a litter box.

    I mean they’re not too old. So you should be able to teach them a couple new tricks. No? I mean how wonderful would that be? Litter box trained Yorkshire Terriers. Everybody will want one! It will be lower maintenance. Better for old folks. Like yourself. So that way.…

    You can walk your dog around the interior of your house. Using a laser to guide them. And when they are ready to go. There’s a litter box! Et voilà! No walk dog walking! YES! THIS could catch on. New generations of litter box trained small dogs. And laser pointers. The old folks, like yourself. Will just love this!

    I might become known as the, Dog Boxer? Or Boxer Bowser? Litter Doggy? ” Where the Big Poops. Lie, Comfortably. ”

    I can see the poop! At the end of the tunnel!

  4. It’s called getting older Kevin 😂 Kai have the same problems the VA give s me some antibiotics cream for it. It helps !

  5. I’m glad it’s not anything serious. I just had my cancer screening at my dermatologist. I’m clear, too. It’s a relief, isn’t it?

  6. Kevin those lesions resemble my “Discoid Lupus Erythematosus” that I suffer from. Even if you have bloodwork done and your ANA comes back negative doesn’t necessarily rule it out. Outbreaks tends to flare up more so due to stress, infection, trauma, etc.

  7. Have you checked that it might be shingles? I’ve had them, weird. But very painful to touch at all. So far 3 times, different places.

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