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Eversoul Gameplay

Welcome Savior

Eversoul is the newest RPG from Kakao Games, developers known for RPGs like Guardian Tales and World Flipper. With over a million downloads of both games, Kakao Games is no stranger to the RPG genre. With Eversoul, they have crafted a beautiful gacha RPG with a good story, amazing animations and plenty of game modes to sink your time into as you collect and level up your favorite characters.

Eversoul begins by introducing our protagonist, you, the Savior, who has been summoned from your world to a dystopian future by beings known as Souls. You are immediately thrown into action as the kingdom of Arkenine is under siege by a mysterious portal known as a Gate. With the help of the villainous Soul Vivienne, the Gate is flooding Arkenine with monsters, destroying the city and killing anyone in their way.

With the help of the artificial Soul called Mephistopheles, the Savior and his other Soul companions find a way to close the Gate and stop Vivienne. Afterward, you discover that you were brought here by Mephistopheles during a ritual. Your purpose is to bring peace to the lands and reunite Souls with their artifacts by forming contracts with them through summoning. Like any gacha, you will collect various characters and level them up with upgrade materials as you fight through the game’s story and dungeons.

Familiar Mechanics and Beautiful Animation

Those familiar with gacha games will feel right at home with Eversoul‘s gameplay mechanics. The user will be given a few fodder Souls to help with the game’s tutorial. The combat is simple: You will witness your five Souls automatically battling the monsters and other Souls. While this happens, each Soul charges up their abilities that the player can activate on command. The Souls are also charging up an ultimate ability bar. After the ultimate is charged up, you can pick whichever Soul to use their ultimate. Once all enemies are defeated, you win the battle.

There are six different types of Souls: human, fairy, undead, beast, demon and angel. Eversoul‘s units interact with a rock, paper, scissors formula, adding strategic depth to the combat sequences. Human is strong against beasts, beast is strong against fairy, fairies are strong against the undead and the undead are strong against human. Meanwhile, demons and angels counteract one another. It also adds a layer of strategy, as you can set up a team of five with the ideal formations you want to run.

You will immediately notice how much work has gone into the game once you witness an ability move or ultimate. Each ability and ultimate is beautifully animated, making each Soul unique regardless of whether the Soul types are the same. It helps keep the game fresh when you unlock new Souls as you want to see what they can do.

Soul Variety

Eversoul has a wide variety of game modes allowing the player to use different teams for the situations-at hand.

The first three game modes are the main story, battlefront and love stories. The main story is told like an animated visual novel. Said story is as generic as they come, but it is fun to follow, especially after leaving off on a cliffhanger.

Eversoul Map

The main story will also have dungeon-like segments where you can move your character through an area or dungeon while finding enemies to battle. Love stories act as side stories for Souls, but as the name implies, they will become more intimate the more you progress. And battlefront is the in-game map that takes you across Eversoul‘s world as you battle for resources and rewards.

The more you complete, the more game modes you unlock. The Town game mode lets players create their own little hub area for themselves and their Souls. Arena is Eversoul‘s PvP, where players will face other teams of Souls to reach higher ranks. Dimensional Labyrinth and Hall of Memories are in-game dungeons that can be completed for rewards and resources. And this is only scratching the surface. There is plenty to do in Eversoul, making it very difficult to put the game down.

Gacha Souls

Like any gacha, there is plenty of monetization in Eversoul. A season pass is available for purchase. Materials are essential and can be purchased rather than earned, so players can fast-track their teams if desired. And purchasable gems provide a means to getting as many new Souls as you want. However, Eversoul is a very generous gacha and these monetization practices can be ignored. Eversoul provides more than enough to unlock a variety of Souls and build a strong team within the first couple of days.

Eversoul is a fun and visually stunning game. There is plenty to do and even with all the monetization that comes with a gacha, players can still build a good team from the ground up without spending a dime. I have been hooked me on day one, and I plan to continue my adventures in Arkenine. Eversoul has the potential to be one of the greats within its genre on Android. So, what are you waiting for, Savior?

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