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Evidence 111 releases to Android and iOS devices.

What Is Evidence 111?

An ambitious mystery game, Evidence 111 is the debut of Czech developer Play By Ears. Beginning on a brisk September night in 1985 Farnham, England, you will follow Chief Inspector Alice Wells. Her life has been one of sacrifice for the greater good and for her career. However, one night, an anonymous caller reveals that they know some terrifying secrets from Alice’s past. As her life crumbles, you must solve the mystery of the caller’s identity and what is at stake for her.

What to Expect

For those unable to fully enjoy games that rely on visuals and sight, this game allows you to explore and solve puzzles primarily using audio. With the intention of wider accessibility, the game immerses you in narration and soundscapes, along with simple controls, that let your imagination run wild.

Through these, you can play on your phone or tablet, anytime and anywhere. It’s recommended to immerse yourself in the 3D binaural experience by closing your eyes and putting on some good headphones. You will then find yourself aurally surrounded by the impeccable voice cast and creepy atmosphere. Here, you will listen to the talented voices of Rosamund Pike (Gone Girl, The Wheel of Time), Zoë Robins (The Wheel of Time, The Shannara Chronicles), and Mike Bodie (Love, Death & Robots), among others. They will help guide your journey through the game’s twists and turns, wherever you may be in real life.

Evidence 111 Summary

An audio adventure for anyone wanting to engage in mysteries you’d only catch in a podcast, Evidence 111 is where the mystery falls into your hands. Stay tuned for the Hardcore Droid review.

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