Evolution of solutions in Dataverse/Dynamics 365

Evolution of solutions in Dataverse/Dynamics 365


“Those who do not move, do not notice their chains” Rosa Luxemburg

Dynamics 365 professionals see every problem as something to be solved by Dynamics 365 plugin or workflow. The environment has changed and now the best solution might not need Dataverse database but just a Canvas app.

This article — Aliens in our midst made me think about how we think about solutions in Dataverse/Dynamics 365 and how new functionality can change the way we view the problem and solution.

Thoughts change the way you look at and understand life. Once your brain has been stretched it can never go back to it’s original shape and is forever changed.

We could all achieve more but choose to do less and live a life less challenged and easy.

I have worked on many Dynamics projects Dynamics professionals thinking and architecture could needs to evolve. The solutions most Dynamics 365 professionals create are centered around Dynamics 365 functionality, solutions are anchored around around Dynamics 365.

We need to step back get to the key business requirements/objectives and view all the tools available in Azure.

Too many people are doing the same solutions they have been for the last 5 years but it’s time to use the full power and Power platform and Azure. The same thinking and approach will produce the same results.

Why .NET developers struggle with Dynamics 365 Development — BLOG LINK

When Microsoft moved to Dynamics 365 as service, hosting workflows and plugins used the Dynamics 365 service. Microsoft instead of developing this, creating Power Automate, PowerApps, Logic Apps. These can be used by Dataverse and stand alone Power Apps without a database.

For most Dynamics 365 developers, Dynamics 365 is the solution. It’s not anymore and they need to get up to speed with the tools and possibilities in Azure, AI, Power Platform.

Dynamics 365 developers should try a 1st principles approach to projects

How Elon Musk Thinks: The First Principles Method

“I think it’s important to reason from first principles rather than by analogy.

The normal way we conduct our lives is we reason by analogy. [With analogy] we are doing this because it’s like something else that was done, or it is like what other people are doing. [With first principles] you boil things down to the most fundamental truths…and then reason up from there.” Elon Musk

What are the benefit of “first principles” thinking?

It allows you to innovate in clear leaps, rather than building small improvements onto something that already exists.

Musk gives an example of the first automobile. While everyone else was trying to improve horse-drawn carriages, someone looked at the fundamentals of transportation and the combustion engine in order to create a car.

The first principles approach takes more energy but the solutions are more focused to the business needs.

Great article on First principles by James Clear

Dynamics 365 consultants create solutions using Workflows, developers create solutions using plugins and JavaScript #HoskCodeWisdom

This is how they have been taught and what they have always done. It’s been successful in the past and will probably work in the future.

It’s a solution first, requirements second, look at alternatives if we have to way of thinking.

This thinking is a man with a hammer thinking, when you have a hammer every problem looks like a nail. The previous successful projects using workflows and plugins encouraged those developers to keep doing it.

This created difficulties when Power Automate and Azure Logic apps were first introduced. Developers were reluctant to move to Power Automate and Logic apps because they didn’t have experience in these area.

This article helps move you thinking in the right direction — Dataverse is not a database

Link requirements to objectives/goals, too many projects are lead by the technology of the solution, this is because in the past technology was limited as to what could be practically delivered.

Business don’t care what technology is used to create the solution, they care the solution helps their business and helps individuals do their jobs easier.

The only limitation to the scope and breath of solutions is the knowledge of the solution architect. The barrier to an effective solution is their knowledge or the business and knowing what the purpose of the functionality is.

Projects should be business lead and solve the problems of the business, not create solutions around technology because it veers away from the business needs and takes the focus away from the business needs.


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