Facebook Marketing For Small Business – beginners guide

Today, Billions of people use Facebook. According to a survey, every day most of the people spend 15-20 minutes on it. You can connect and promote your business across the globe. This is a huge opportunity for marketers to promote their business on social media like Facebook and run Facebook marketing campaign across the globe.

What is Facebook Marketing?

An organization or individual promote their businesses, products, or services by creating a Facebook page and explore it to reach their target audiences. That way, they reach to an audience as much as possible. It is cost-effective marketing.

Every business needs to do social media marketing. Most of the clients you can get by it. Now, small businesses or high profile businesses should use it. You have to create a business page and invite to people to like this page. You can run ads on it. It is the fastest medium to connect with people.

Who uses Facebook Marketing?                               

  • Local Businesses: Many people are presented in it. It is easy to reach local business to people by promoting their business. Food, Electronics, Restaurants, Gyms, and any type of brand can use this feature so they get customers. It turns a local customer into your clients. Today, everybody needs something which gives them satisfaction and quality. You can earn their trust by using it.
  • Brands: No matter what is your business? Small or giant. People are more concern about brands. You have to put your efforts to promote your brand and earn brand loyalty. Many brands are available now. You have to stand out from the crowd and prove yourself as a trustworthy brand. Facebook gives you an opportunity to increase your brand value.
  • Personalities: if you are author, musician, actor, or anything else and you want fans following, then this is the best platform for you. In today’s world, everybody needs promotion to get a fame. You are great in any field but people are not aware of it, how can you get fans following or who recognize you?
  • Non-profitable organization: NGO’s, political parties, or any non-government charitable organization can create their requirement on it and it helps to get a fund or any help which they want.


Ways to grow your small business on Facebook:                      

Many small businesses are emerging in the market.

Competition is tough and everybody wants to grow their business and reach to the top in the market. They can’t afford high price marketing to promote their business. So, for them, it is a great platform and Facebook provides many features in a business.

Create your content on it. It is not possible for small businesses to run costly ads or press release their product. By creating engaging and unique content you can make a connection with new customers and convert them as potential customers. This is absolutely free service.

On Facebook over 2 billion people are present. It is a massive bunch of audience you get on it. Where your business is located. This is not a problem if you want to expand your business you can connect with anyone.

In 2013, Facebook introduces graph search feature. People can find out near business, places, news, or anything they want.

Images and videos are really proving beneficial to grab the attention of people. It provides a Newsfeed option for that.

You can create a company page on it. It is a separate page where you can add your company details, contact number, and publish the company’s important content.

Interacting with your business related pages. There are many businesses promote their business pages on Facebook. So you can like them and interact with them. It helps to increases your business.

You can create different types of contests. You can give offers or discounts to your clients. It boosts up your business, attract more customers and you get potential customers.

SEO plays an important role to rank your business in search engine result pages. Likes and share you get are flags and it helps to reach high in search engine result page ranking.

The paid version also available to promote your business. You can run ads on Facebook. You can target audiences, demographics as well as the region in ads.

You can promote an individual post on it by using promote your post feature.

Effective marketing strategy can engage more customers to your business. It is reliable and easy to use. Anyone can easily promote their business and acquire success in business.

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