First Look: New United Club In Chicago O’Hare – Live and Let’s Fly

First Look: New United Club In Chicago O'Hare - Live and Let's Fly

A long-expected and much-needed new United Club opens today in the C Concourse of Terminal 1 at Chicago O’Hare (ORD). Here’s a first look at the new lounge.

New United Club In Chicago O’Hare (ORD) In C Concourse – First Look

United travelers at Chicago O’Hare know all too well the bottleneck inside the old C16 United Club. Thankfully, that lounge is now closed and a large new lounge has opened next door.

Flyertalk contributor Resource Robin visited the lounge yesterday during a soft opening and graciously shared the following pictures with Live and Let’s Fly:

While I am disappointed there does not seem to be barista-made coffee like the new lounges in Newark or Denver, I am delighted that the new lounge will seat 650 (versus the current 250 in the C16 lounge). Furthermore, the design details, tarmac views, and food choices appear thoughtful. As always when it comes to food, it is up to us travelers not to prove “this is why we cannot have nice things” and we should therefore exercise moderation when eating and limit what we take from the lounge (ideally nothing at all).

Live and Let’s Fly understands that the old C16 lounge will be used to expand the nearby Polaris Lounge, which gets quite crowded during peak departure periods in the late afternoon.


The new lounge looks great and I look forward to visiting. I’m in Europe for a while this month, but upon my return, you can bet that I will deliberately route through ORD in order to review this lounge. In the meantime, it seems United has done a good job in creating a larger lounge space. Hopefully, the expanded size will be sufficient to handle busy crowds.

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