Freddy Mines a LIFE CHANGING Gold Haul! | Gold Rush: Freddy Dodge’s Mine Rescue

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15 thoughts on “Freddy Mines a LIFE CHANGING Gold Haul! | Gold Rush: Freddy Dodge’s Mine Rescue

  1. These minors have to pay tax on all the gold they find. I do not believe for one second that they show an accurate tally of their total gold findings. They are not stupid

  2. Everyone wants to gold mine rocks of gold they often overlook the fine gold that will add up over time to be more than the big gold would ever be

  3. Hey Freddy my uncle Walter Orvis would be very proud to see that some gold miners are still honest trustworthy and true human beings

  4. Frad is the only one I know that doesn’t have gold fever like all the rest of people ! He won’t go broke ! Smart man !!

  5. Freddy Dogde and his work is for me one of the very rare positive examples of gold digging.
    What I like about his work is that he limits himself to small-scale prospecting, which does much less damage to the environment. For me, his work is the best example that gold prospecting doesn’t have to become destructive madness for people and nature. For me, a true role model of responsibility, competence and humility. You do great work, great art

  6. What this man and his team achieve is great art. They show here that gold mining does not have to mutate into madness and total destruction.

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