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    1. The feature to add points to each product manually is an option with Premium version of this plugin. You will need pro plugin for that. please check the features of premium plugin.

  1. Hi…good tutorial…do you know how add thid-part capabilities for other users (author, editor…) ??? (in the free version)

    1. Do you mean author, editor, users of the website? I think that will come under user management.

  2. If you set it as 1 rupee = 1 point. The order of 297 rupee should have been 297 points in his account? It didn’t show that in the points table?

    1. Yes, you are right. Some how my recording stopped and I started with another points example. So there was mistake in recording. You noticed that.

    2. @Quick Tips only reason I highlighted it is that I’m using this system and my points are being rewarded by order quantity rather than order total. So instead of £8 spent = 8 points, it’s looking at 3 products bought and 3 points rewarded.

    1. That is conversion rate for redeeming the points. Lets consider that conversion rate is 50 points for 1 rupees. so while redeeming the points, I will get Rupees 1 for each 50 points. If I have 500 points then I will get 10 Rupees.

    2. @Quick Tips thank you for the reply, ok so lets say if i want to do something where for every £1 a customer spends they get 10 points maybe, where is this option please?

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