Full Paintball Match | Revo vs NRG Elite & Red Legion vs Lucky 15s : NXL World Cup

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9 thoughts on “Full Paintball Match | Revo vs NRG Elite & Red Legion vs Lucky 15s : NXL World Cup

  1. I like these field layouts with a more defined center structure compared to the more open middle like at the Windy City Major for instance. I don’t know why really, I guess it feels more like you kind of have room to work your way up better rather than just getting popped trying to move up by some guy completely across the field just pouring paint through the lane down the middle.

    What I don’t like, and have really been salty about ever since the late 90s and early 2000s, is how accepted it is to just “trade” with someone even when you obviously get shot first. It’s like once some guys have committed to a bunker move, they’ve already decided they deserve the elimination, and no matter what happens they’re taking the shot. For instance, Sergey played on at 17:55 in my opinion. Dude shot him in the back and he just turned around and shot back. Should’ve been a penalty. At least they caught him at the end. I don’t know how you get it out of the game though, it’s been that way for 20+ years and so many of those situations really are too close to call.

  2. dame im intrested to know how many shots they take per match. they have an insane speed of shooting truly amazing.

  3. Go sports killing paintball and nobody even cares that our sport is becoming less and less popular as the years go on….
    Remember paintball in early 2000’s now look at us 10 comments and 300 views on a pro game😂😂😂

    Pray everyday that gosports collapses in the 2023 financial crash

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