Getting Started with Gold – What Brought Me In

Getting started with gold – I’ll tell you what brought me in. This tale has a bit of everything – a busted royal flush, a talking wolf, and a “three or four hundred dollar card cover”. Mostly, it’s about that card cover…a 1 oz Gold Canadian Maple Leaf card cover. ✅ SUBSCRIBE: 🔥 JOIN: 📷 Instagram: 💬 Discord: 🚫 DOOR MARKED PRIVATE: WHERE TO BUY JM Bullion is a trusted dealer and a sponsor of the 2 is 1 channel. (I do not receive commissions.) HELPFUL VIDEOS ▸ Gold Coins 101: ▸ Storage: ▸ Capsules: PRODUCT LINKS: ▸ Pelican Micro Case ▸ 32mm Direct-Fit Capsules (Fit 1 oz American Gold Eagles, Gold Buffalos, etc.) (10 capsules) (20 capsules + tube) ▸ 30mm Direct-Fit Capsules (Fit 1 oz Canadian Maple Leafs) ▸ 27mm Direct-Fit Capsules (Fit 1/2 oz American Gold Eagles, etc.) ▸ 22mm Direct-Fit Capsules (Fit 1/4 oz American Gold Eagles, etc.) (20 capsules) (20 capsules + tube) ▸ 16mm Direct-Fit Capsules (Fit 1/10 oz American Gold Eagles, etc.) ▸ Theory11 Playing Cards ▸ Field Notes Notebooks I buy gold and other assets on a dollar cost average schedule and then buy more as price and interest allow. If you want to know more about buying gold coins, that is my primary focus here. I talk a bit about cryptocurrency, mining stocks and other equities as well. Cheers! GET IN TOUCH [email protected] Disclaimers: I am not a financial planner, a CPA or an attorney qualified to give financial advice.

Nothing in this video constitutes professional or financial advice. I’m just a guy on the internet, talking about precious metals. This is for entertainment only. You alone are solely responsible for evaluating or acting on any financial transactions. If you’re looking for financial, tax, legal or other advice, please seek out a professional. As an Amazon Associate I may earn commissions from qualifying purchases. Any potential compensation I earn will not negatively affect your purchase. Thank you!

28 thoughts on “Getting Started with Gold – What Brought Me In

  1. I got into it last summer July of 2022. I have to give credit to your channel. At the time pm’s we’re having a pull back.
    My first piece was a $50 Buffalo again inspired by your channel. In the past 6 months I now have a small herd of them. Around November to save on premium a rabbit and a kangaroo we’re added to the farm.

  2. My answer to that question is easy. Inflation got me into gold. I started using gold and silver last October as a means of insurance to protect my hard earned money.

  3. Do not lie! We all know it was your one eyed uncle with the parrot and peg-leg walking around with his treasure chest that lured you into this hobby! 😂

  4. Really cool story my first one ounce unit i bought was a 1986 gold maple leaf after other fractional pieces i acquired

  5. Glenn Beck. And also the 💩 town podcast. Also as a kid, a geologist told me: God, guns, and gold, son !

  6. When is enough enough. Is 100 one ounce coins enough or 200 or 300 at what point do you stop buying gold and are satisfied?

  7. A great story, told in your usual vivid, lively style. You’re a born storyteller! The only problem with this story, is that I don’t gamble or play cards, so I didn’t understand 3/4ths of the card-playing lingo in the first half of the video! 🃏🤣😂😁

    1. Ha! Yeah, this one had some vernacular. I knew parts of it wouldn’t land all the way, but it was a fun Friday story! Cheers!

  8. Just bought my first half ounce maple leaf. I’m going to try to make this a hobby. I wanted the buffalo but no one seemed to have them in stock.

    1. @2 is 1 Thanks. I want the gold eagles also, but it bothers me that they’re only 22 karat. I believe the maple leaf is 24 karat.

    2. @2 is 1 Question. These coins already look good on camera but was wondering if they look even better in person? EDIT: One more question, would you say it’s better to buy half ounces or quarter ounces?

  9. I wonder how much $ Ray would’ve won with that Royal Flush? You should’ve reimbursed him that amount of $ haha. You would’ve gained a friend for life! Maybe he’d have given you his gold coin as a thank you gesture 🤣

    1. I don’t think Ray needed that hand, but the way the dealer was acting, I’m sure he would have found a way to announce the misdeal as soon as it was clear his friend was going to lose. 🙂

  10. My story is really boring also. I put money in a mutual fund and when it hit the price of an Eagle I cashed out. Now in the REDO process.

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