Gold and precious metals likely to move higher, says Permanent Portfolio’s Michael Cuggino

Michael Cuggino, Permanent Portfolio Family of Funds president, joins ‘The Exchange’ to discuss navigating recession risk with precious metals.

17 thoughts on “Gold and precious metals likely to move higher, says Permanent Portfolio’s Michael Cuggino

  1. What’s a good precious metal in an economic depression? Plug Nickel?
    Commodity markets have become a day traders play ground.
    My 👀 are clearly focused on the ongoing depression.

  2. I don’t think defaults of this magnitude have ever been measured or observed before so *PRESUMABLY* this be great news for the price of gold and silver but a lot will depend upon if this be some type of *”Federal Reserve Put”* which to date for some time has been the exact opposite. Anyhow no *WAY* is any responsible money manager investing in *ANY* Canadian Bank at the moment.

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