Gold Bullion to Gold Coins

Many people who collect gold coins started out by buying gold bullion. I describe a situation where I educated a bullion buyer about the awesome possibility of collecting gold coins.


10 thoughts on “Gold Bullion to Gold Coins

  1. You’re having too much fun, Seth. I might stop by next week and try to do some horse trading if you’ll be around. Enjoy the polenta.

  2. Bullion is so boring compared to classic graded coins. Must be hard to contain your enthusiasm with your bullion customers! Thanks for the video!

  3. Good work Seth! Nothing more makes me stoked than seeing bullion investors make the leap into actual numismatic coins. We need more collectors to keep the hobby going. Keep being one of the good ones bud!

  4. I have one rare Roman piece the best in the world geve me your email or instagram to sand you a photos

  5. I started buying bullion. Then my father in law gave me a Morgan. Did some research on it and got sucked in. Now I mostly buy old coins and very little bullion.

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