22 thoughts on “Graphic Designer Rates FAMOUS Gaming Logos!

  1. Have u ever worked in/with any positions/departments related to UI/UX design? It would be great if u could make some content about UI/UX bc I watched some of your design principles and i’m actually applying them.

  2. I’m new to graphic design, and I learned a couple of things about logos from this video like how a logo should be.

    1. It was actually on my list of good logos, but left it out at the last minute. It’s survived test of time perfectly

  3. Love the logo design reviews Satori๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ… I feel Activision’s ain’t that bad though..

  4. Great video, however I don’t agree with your critic of the Bandai Namco logo. I think the colours give it a light-hearted, energetic and fun feel while the shape looks abstract which i think is fitting for a game company with a diverse catalogue as theirs.

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