Help required please: Defect’s extra sensitivity to pain?

Help required please: Defect’s extra sensitivity to pain?

I can’t go into too much detail of the big-picture at the moment, but I am engaging in an experimental regimen of applying dickie-discipline to his defect for my amusement, BUT ONLY for as long as my bitch’s defect remains soft and flaccid. The moment it begins to, even slightly increase in size, or gain a tiny amount of stiffness, I stop and have him nose pressed to the wall. There he stays until all signs of the beginning of an erection have gone. Then it is back to the dickie-discipline; and repeat and repeat. It is a delightful occupation. When I have grown tired of this, he is locked back up into a chastity device, never once having got hard. I have a question though for those with experience of dick-delete devices.

I had had my bitch in his dick-delete device for about an hour. I then removed it and readied him for the erection-free dickie-discipline. But his defect was really, really sensitive compared to normal. It was fascinating and amusing, and I giggled a lot, as even the softest of smacks brought him a great deal of discomfort. I could not understand it and nor could he, between his squeals!

I am driven to find out why there was so much extra sensitivity. So my question is: Could him having his defect concertinaed up in the tiny dick-delete device for an hour, have brought about this very considerable extra sensitivity????

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