How Many Cops Does It Take To Restrain A Frontier Airlines Passenger At Miami Airport? – Live and Let’s Fly

How Many Cops Does It Take To Restrain A Frontier Airlines Passenger At Miami Airport? - Live and Let's Fly

A woman and her friend acted poorly at the Frontier Airlines ticket counter at Miami Airport. The sun also rose in the east. But perhaps the most interesting angle of the story is how many police officers it took to arrest her? One? Two ? Three? Four? How about seven? Talk about resisting arrest…

After Women Attack Frontier Airlines Check-In Agent At Miami, Cops Move In To Arrest…A Lot Of Them

The incident took place at Miami International Airport. Need I say more? Two women were late to check-in for their Frontier Airlines flight to Atlanta (ATL). When it was explained to them that they would not be traveling on their original flight, they responded by physically assaulting a ticket counter agent.

You won’t see it in the video below, but 20-year-old Makyan Mercer (on the left in the photo above) allegedly hurled a plastic sign holder at the Frontier staffer, prompting a need for medical attention. Police were dispatched and one appeared to take the woman’s friend, 21-year-old Janaeah Negash, down without much trouble. But seven more surrounded pink-haired Mercer before she finally was pulled to the ground, turned over, and handcuffed (she can be heard screaming in the video that the police officer should get off her while Mercer also screamed, “Don’t touch her!”).

Here’s video of the arrest and some of the language is NSFW:

The women face charges of battery, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest with violence. Both were released on bail of only $500 and instructed to return to Miami next month for their court date. As View From The Wing wondered, do you think they’ll make their flight on time?

image: Miami-Dade Corrections

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