How to Buy Silver! The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Silver Stacking!

Have you ever thought about Buying and Stacking Silver but don’t know how to get started? In today’s video we tell you everything you need to know on how to get started Buying Silver and starting your journer in the world of Silver Stacking! Check out the Doc’s Deals Page at SDBullion (my channel sponsor!) for some Amazing Silver Deals! ▶ Here are some other Helpful Videos on my Channel! The Truth about Stacking Generic Silver vs Premium Silver Coins: ▶ Should you Stack Both Silver AND Gold? ▶ Everything you Need to Know about 90% Silver Coins! ▶ Why Stacking Silver and Gold is So Important! ▶ Take a look at what’s in the 100,000 Subscriber Silver Chest! ▶ Did you like this video? Don’t forget to hit the like button and leave a comment to let me know! Want to Support the Channel? —————————————————- ▶ Become a Channel Member! – Channel Memberships include awesome benefits for supporting the channel, so be sure to click and check them out!s Get your Silver and Gold Coin Ping Tester! ▶ *This is an affiliate link, so buying a Ping Tester through this link supports the channel! Check out my Online Store for Silver, Collectibles and more! ▶ Curious about the equipment I use for my videos? Visit this link to find out what I use in my setup! ▶ Check out these Epic Links Below! _________________________________ ▶SUBSCRIBE! ▶INSTAGRAM! ▶DISCORD! ▶My Website: ▶My Patreon! ▶Disclaimer: ________________________________ Credits: How to Buy Silver! The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Silver Stacking! #silverprice #stackingsilver #silverbullion #beginners

17 thoughts on “How to Buy Silver! The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Silver Stacking!

  1. Happy New Year!! i’ve only been stacking for a couple months but i’ve accumulated 20 total ounces 16 silver maples and 4 generic silver bars. I appreciate the advice and wish you the best in the new year

  2. Question. Can You Open up one of the Fake Silver Eagle Coins to See What the Metals are that these Criminals are using???

  3. Happy New Year! I am new to stacking…gold and silver presently and have been able to enact some of your previous advice…and really love and appreciate your channel, from the mystery packages to calling the shops for pricing and so on, have really been enjoying it.

  4. It’s just..impractical. I don’t want to store or pack around 50-100lbs of silver.. gold is.. gold. Buy it instead

  5. I’m in the UK and stacking silver here is very uncommon compared to gold due to the fact that we not only have to pay the premiums but we also have to pay VAT (which is 20%) on silver, but gold we don’t pay VAT on.
    1 oz Britannia (2023) silver is £27.50 ex VAT £33 inc VAT, with spot at £20.33. 62% over after VAT
    1 oz Britannia (2023) gold is £1619 no VAT, with spot at £1535. 6% over as there is no tax

  6. I feel like you could do a video series for beginners. Do’s and don’ts of the stacking world. I know I could have used it when I started and I probably could still learn something watching them again in the future. Thanks for all you do Seeker

  7. Very sound and good advice Sir. I’ve been stacking for just a little over a year and I’m still learning. Thank You Sir.

    1. It called a typo bud it was spelled right the first time it was on the screen but I guess you missed it eh.

  8. A common misconception I gotta point out, it’s industrial use is what makes it a weak money. The purpose of a commodity money is its sole function is to facilitate trade and measure value of time/energy. Having any other functions perverts economic calculation… not to say it isn’t valuable but it does make it a bad money.

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