How to extend your iPhone’s battery health! Tips & tricks!

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26 thoughts on “How to extend your iPhone’s battery health! Tips & tricks!

    1. Literally and battery’s have been developed to be smart so most of these aren’t necessary. Your phone battery will eventually deplete in battery health – might as well use the amazing features we have.

  1. I mainly charge overnight but even though I have Optimised Battery Charging toggled on it never seems to kick in.I’ve often woken around 2 or 3am and checked my iPhone and it’s already fully charged to 100% so I just take it of the charger and go back to sleep.

    1. Have you checked if you have turned on Significant Locations and System Customization on Location Services settings?

    2. @David Jacobs That’s odd, Apple’s recommendations it to turn on those features and to wait at least 14 days charging at the same time. Have you tried wait 14 days charging at the same time?

    3. @Fellipe Malta Actually,I’ve just checked,I had significant locations on but system customisation off.I have now switched it on and will wait and see what happens.Thanks for the tip 👍

  2. I still gave this video a Like because I agree with the validity of all the other tips here (even if I don’t personally use all of them myself – I’ll pay for a battery replacement earlier if it means me getting to use the features of the phone I want to use, the way I want to use them).

    The one tip in this video that is objectively incorrect, however, is at 2:30, specifically “…keep the cycle count low.” What percentage you let your battery deplete to or charge up to has 0 relevance to a battery’s cycle count. Charging a battery from 0% – 100% counts as one cycle (obviously). However, charging your battery from 40%-60% five times also counts as one cycle (20% x 5 = 100%).

    Takeaway: charge cycles is a useful, but far from an exclusive determinant metric of battery health. A battery that has been depleted from 0% then charged to 100% one hundred times will have an indicated charge cycle of “100.” However, all else equal, it will be in far worse condition compared to another battery that also has an indicated 100 charge cycles, but it was only ever depleted to 30%, then charged up to 80% two hundred times.

    It has somehow become a common misconception (I personally know multiple people IRL who believe(d) ) that by not charging your phone past 80% (not reaching 100%), it will somehow reduce charge cycles (it IS better for your battery, even though the charge cycle count will remain the same). On the other end of the spectrum I even know people who believe that charge cycles is the number of times the phone was plugged in to charge, even if each charge was only a few %. I’ve heard people say things like “I don’t want to charge my phone a little bit each time throughout the day because I want to keep the cycle count low, so I just charge once overnight.” Absolute madness.

    Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.

  3. This is just spreading misinformation, the batteries has gotten to a point they’re so smart doing anything of this will have no impact. The only real way of preserving your battery life is to not use it.

  4. references would be great since most the suggestions here were proven wrong, to be old wives tales, and no longer valid. So many different opinions with no references…YIKES!

  5. My battery health of my iPhone, 14 pro is to 100% after three months of use. The methods are used is never let drop past 40% and keep the phone in low power mode when I’m not using it that’s how I get good battery, life and battery health

  6. You can’t do anything for your battery health, just use your device.
    We will not use our devices for ever.

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