How To Save Money On Broadband – 7 Methods

1. Broadband deals guide: 2. Internet speed needs calculator: 3. Three 4G Hub review (4G router): 4. Three 5G Hub review (5G router): 5. MiFi deals guide: In this video, we’ve explained seven different methods you can use to save money on your broadband bill. With the cost of living and inflation crisis we’re facing in the UK, you might be wondering how to fight back, and reduce the amount you’re paying for broadband. We’ve covered techniques you can use if you’re in a broadband contract, such as ditching TV and landline add-ons, as well as methods to try if you’re out of contract, such as switching to a cheaper broadband provider or a slower Wi-Fi plan, including social tariffs. 0:00 Introduction 0:23 Switch to a social broadband tariff 1:17 Avoid TV add-ons 2:01 Avoid landline calling add-ons 2:15 Switch broadband provider 3:01 Use 4G/5G to get better speeds 3:37 Switch to 4G/5G broadband 4:53 Bundle your broadband with other services 5:31 What if I’m in-contract? About us At Broadband Savvy, we help everyday British households get the most from their home broadband. Whether you’re looking to troubleshoot WiFi dropouts, are struggling with slow download speeds, or just want a better broadband deal, we’ve got you covered. Learn more at or follow us on Twitter:

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