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Our Sonic Toothbrush is the Ultimate Game Changer to incorporate into your daily routine. It has three different speed settings, Sensitive, Clean and White. There is one to suit all and ensures you are receiving a comfortable yet effective clean.

27 thoughts on “How To Use Our Sonic Toothbrush | Spotlight Oral Care

  1. Got mine for Christmas. I was slightly dubious but after using it I can say it is brilliant and the battery life is something else

  2. How do you know if the battery is dying? When I turn mine off the battery flashes quickly for about 3/4 seconds?

  3. It’s nice to buy a product that promises to do something and it actually does it. My teeth are whiter and my mouth feels cleaner. Superb product

    1. yeah man it’s good but taught I broke it haha the white speed is too much I just use the clean one

    2. @Denny Commins haha I love the white speed! Well I’m happy you enjoy the product. Happy cleaning my friend🙂

  4. Happy new year, just treated myself to a sonic toothbrush after my wife bought me a For Him kit for Xmas, have to say ,absolutely love it, whole mouth feels so much cleaner & fresher after using it,
    Thanks for a great product that does what it’s supposed to 👍

  5. It is very difficult to take the brush head off to travel. A tutorial video on how to properly do it would be great. After reinserting the brush head, my sonic toothbrush does not seem to work as effectively anymore. Highly disappointed.

    1. Same! I’m away at the minute and when I put the head back on the vibration was much less. Very disappointed. And it’s soooo hard to get off!

    2. @Aideen the head cracked in two on mine without any force and bristles all fell out. I have also not been able to get the replacement head back on. A complete nightmare and sending it back x

  6. For anyone that is trying to remove the head, I had to yank it off with some force. Then when replacing it with a new one, you have to put the head on facing away from the buttons and then swivel the brush round (so it is facing the right way). Why isn’t there instructions on how to do this? People don’t want to feel like they are about to break the bloody thing!

    1. I’m really surprised that some people are having problems putting the brushhead on. I’ve only had this toothbrush for 3 days and i just push down (facing the right way) until it clicks into place. Taking it off, you do have to tug quite a bit (without turning the head) but i would rather have it tight than loose. I’ve been using the Philips 9000 Sonicare for the last 7 years until the connecting rod broke and Philips will not supply them, so i’ve had to order an inferior part. I wanted a different make as the latest Philips ones have problems with quality. This Oral Care one is ok, not quite as powerful but good enough. Only time will tell how long it lasts. I don’t like the small size of the actual head but will try and cut it in half and glue the top half of my Philips one. Should be fun 😃 but if you’re still having problems, it could be your toothbrush connecting part is facing the wrong way or the brushhead itself is faulty (try another head) … hope not … good luck.

  7. I can’t get the brush head off to change it. Feels like I’m going to break the brush or snap the head

  8. I am so impressed with this gorgeous toothbrush, it really is fab! Got the whitening strips and whitening toothpaste…will be spreading the Spotlight love. Well done ladies, truly a brilliant beautiful product!

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