I Attended 12 Churches in 28 Months

This is a selection from the full article originally published by Boundless on July 5, 2021.

“There was a lot I learned during our travels, but one thing that stands out is how the experience changed my perspective of “going to church.” As someone who was a church regular since before I could walk, going to church has never been new to me. But not having a consistent church home for over two years made me think about the purpose of church in a whole new way. . .

I always found it incredible how my husband and I could walk into a brand-new church where we didn’t know a single soul and yet still feel so connected to everyone around us. We were all singing to the same God, praying to the same God, and hearing from the same God all service long. I didn’t know anything about these people, but we already had something in common — our faith.

That commonality allowed my husband and I to instantly connect with other believers wherever we went.

It made it easier to develop friendships, because not only did we see each other every week, but we knew we shared the same faith and values. While it’s certainly important to connect with people who are different from us, including non-Christians, our hearts also need connections with people who share the faith that’s so important to us. . .

When the church meets, we have the chance to show God-sized hospitality — to welcome newcomers, hold the hand of the hurting, embrace the lost, and encourage the believers.

I was always so grateful when we found a new church home that allowed us to get involved in how they were serving their larger community. But the way we contributed looked different each time.”

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