In Depth Look At the Royal Canadian Mint Gold Bar…The One to Get!

Well I finally did it. I bought what i feel is the ultimate gold bar for me. It’s simple, elegant, and well known. It’s the perfect price and the security is a driving factor. The Royal Canadian Mint Gold Bar checks all the boxes for me. I will not stack generic gold and that will never change. 💥Subscribe 💥New Merch: 🛒If you like shopping at Apmex here is my link: Clean Money adheres to Google and YouTube’s Terms of Service, Privacy Policies and Community Guidelines: DISCLAIMERS/TERMS/RULES: ▶︎ I am not a professional financial adviser, nor do I offer financial advice. This video is for entertainment only.

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28 thoughts on “In Depth Look At the Royal Canadian Mint Gold Bar…The One to Get!

  1. Apmex is the most expensive bullion site. Should have purchased from Bold. Also, why the gloves when the bar is in TEP?

  2. Excellent gold bar choice, gotta love the RCM gold. I have not stacked a full ounce bar yet but if I did- this bar would be the top choice. Now, if we can only get the US Mint to craft a bar worth stacking..

  3. Crazy how something as simple as a capsule can change an impression. Seeing it outside the assay is so much nicer. CLEAN!! 🎩

    1. @Clean Money Gold What size Air-Tite case is that? The RCM gold bar looks bigger in your video than the 1 oz silver bar size even next to the Zippo.

  4. Hello CMG, HNY! Congrats on those new RCM gold bar purchase. It looks way cool when it is in a capsule. Where do you buy capsules (AGE/GB/Pre33s/philharmonics)? TY!

  5. Damn fine looking bar.. I also like Sovereign Minted metals.. my preference for even silver… super beautiful

  6. The RCM bars are very nice….. BUT, not as nice as the No. 1 gold bar which is the PAMP SUISSE GOLD Bar. Everything else is below.

  7. Awesome lookin’ bar SB!, I’ve been working on a 10oz RCM monster box which has been my main focus lately but might have to add one of these little guys to my shopping cart as well. It’s hard not to like this bar and their 10oz bars are pretty sweet!

  8. Love the bar my friend. Never seen anyone take it out of packaging. Gotta admit I squirmed a little. I do however remove my 10oz. silver bars from vinyl sleeves though. Congrats on the acquisition.

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