Interview Question What Does Scrum Master Do When the Team Is Lagging in Sprint?

Most of the Scrum Master faces a problem where their team isn’t able to achieve the sprint goal and they don’t know how to handle such a situation? Have you also faced this problem with your team? If yes, then this video is for you. Being a Scrum Master, the things that you can do is: ✅ Have a discussion with a team. ✅ Review things on a daily scrum basis. ✅ Find out the reasons behind it.

There could be dependency issues, technical issues, infrastructure issues, skill issues, wrong estimations, and so on. According to our Expert Trainer, Mr Saket Bansal, we need to find out how to move forward. We need to be clear about: ✅ Can overtime or working on weekends be a solution? ✅ How to make a team come up with a solution? ✅ How to have an open conversation with the team? Take practical guidance from our expert trainer and become a perfect Scrum Master who can make sure that everyone is on the right track, and the project is up and running smoothly. ******************************************************************************* Watch the full Live session: ******************************************************************************** Check Upcoming: Certified Scrum Master Training schedule- Have any doubts: Whatsapp us: +91-9958287711 📧 Email – [email protected] ******************************************************************************** Check Scaled Agile Certification: Check Scrum Alliance Certification:- Check PMI Certification – ******************************************************************************** To gain more knowledge, you can also join our “Live Open Hours” – Every Alternate Friday – 7 PM IST on LinkedIn – Facebook – #TeamManagement #Agile #scrum #Scrumevent #timemanagement #sprint #sprintplanning

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  1. Hi, Do you have any detailed video on BDD and TDD? please share the link or details

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