Is THIS Not Part of an Adequate Education!? #shorts #teacher #boredteachers #hotmess #teaching

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16 thoughts on “Is THIS Not Part of an Adequate Education!? #shorts #teacher #boredteachers #hotmess #teaching

  1. Yes, it saddens me that the art/music part of school keeps getting cut/minimized. It has nothing to do with being Picasso or Beethoven. It’s about expression and finding a way to express or relax/cope for themselves emotionally. Doodles are a thought process. It’s about balance. And their academics will be better because everything is intertwined. And doing something that is not straight up with an answer but is subjective will help students learn how to take risks in other areas of their life. There shouldn’t be any judgement when creating. And then they figure out that they can create in their core subjects as well.

  2. I found that true for many students, art, music are creative ways to express their feelings. I taught middle school and encouraged kids to use their gifts to learn about themselves and it gave me great insight into the needs of my students.

  3. Thank you so much! I was an art teacher. Not many people would say what you said so beautifully. ❤️

  4. Yes yes and OMG YES. As a mom of a very neurodiverse child who struggles to fit the mold of school…..yes thank you.

    1. I’m neurodiverse too and struggled a lot with the core subjects in school but excelled in choir, what she said here resonates with me so much and it’s one of the reasons I’m now finishing my degree in music education and teaching choir myself.

  5. I was never suited to a cookie cutter school. That’s why I went to a school for the arts. Voice and musical theater major.

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