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Mobile gaming exceeded any expectations regarding its profitability and popularity. Today is considered one of the fastest-growing entertainment sectors. It continues to attract new mobile gamers and expand the demographic of the gaming sector. In fact, it is one of the main reasons why gaming has become globally popular. There are over 3 billion gamers across the world, more than 2 billion smartphone users, and mobile gaming accounts for 50% of the gaming sector revenue. Specifically, when it comes to Google Play, there is a gaming revenue of approximately $37.3 billion. Below, we take a closer look at the factors that propelled the popularity of mobile gaming on Android devices.

Mobile Gaming Collection

The mobile gaming collection is constantly increasing due to the nature of mobile games.  For a lot of games studios it’s relatively easier to create mobile titles. They are also marketed towards many different audiences, which allows the mobile user to pick and choose whether they want to focus on challenging action video games or simple puzzles, popular hyper-casual games like Candy Crush, and many other titles.

So, it’s worth noting that the mobile gaming market is at an advantage since it is expanding at a rapid pace. What’s more, new games are being made available every single day. A fact that increases the opportunities for different kinds of mobile users to engage in mobile gaming.

For instance, there are even games of chance that are optimized for mobile devices.

All you need to do in order to play on mobile casinos is to register on a reliable mobile-friendly casino site, or you can also play casino games in dedicated mobile apps. Right now, Google Play store hosts over 3.55 million apps, and sports over 400,00 mobile games. Numbers that make Google Play the app store with the highest number of apps and games.

Affordable Mobile Games

One of the major reasons why mobile gaming became popular was the availability of free mobile games that remained a dominant category of Android mobile games. They typically allow you to play the game without any paywall. Although there are some mobile games that are available free of charge, they might have some features or premium levels.

It shouldn’t stop you from playing the game, but it does limit your gaming experience. However, in general, mobile devices were more affordable for gaming than any other electronic devices. So, it’s safe to say that mobile gaming became popular due to the relatively low price of mobile games.


In a nutshell, mobile gaming is more popular than any other type of gaming, especially on Android devices, due to its low price and a large number of free mobile games. So, it is safe to say that in the future, the Google Play store will continue to reign in the mobile gaming market.


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