Lessee audit – ACCA (SBR) talks

Lessee bookkeeping – ACCA (SBR) talks Free ACCA talks for the Strategic Business Reporting (SBR) Exam Please most likely to OpenTuition to download and install the SBR notes utilized in this lecture, check out all staying (SBR) talks, and also message inquiries on the Ask the ACCA SBR Tutor Forums since we do not give assistance on youtube remarks area. *** Complete listing of cost-free ACCA talks is offered on https://opentuition.com/acca/sbr/ ***

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  1. He told you that he made the payment already in the first year how are you re deducting 5000 from the 22730 ?

    1. As is explained in the header on this page, our tutors do not monitor posts here. Please ask in the free Ask the Tutor Forum on our website. Our tutors always reply to questions that are posted there 🙂

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