LIVE: Media briefing on global health issues

19 thoughts on “LIVE: Media briefing on global health issues

  1. Talk & Advice to the government not communities… This is not ENDEMIC As WHO said before… Sigggghhhhh Talk too much on cameras…

    Bullsxxt & Useless – Organization

  2. Greetings Hon.WHO,
    key Concern :
    – Rapidity of Transmission rate.
    – Non Vaccinated Population.
    – Major Determinants of Health.
    – Basic Hygiene Practices.
    – Co-ordinated Steps in Community Health.
    Happy New year 2023..
    Stay Healthy and Stay Safe.
    With regards,
    RanjithJoseph (R.J)

  3. All you need to know…DON’T DO IT! They lie to you fellow human. Don’t let them tell you what to do! You wear a mask if you want to and don’t wear one if you dont want to. Don’t let them divide people in two categories. That’s what they are aiming to to force everyone to obey and oblige free people to wear a mask or jab when they don’t want to. They tell you , that those people who don’t listen are with us and will obey or against us and we must force them . Meaning taking freedom away but also for you who obey someday will have to continue to obey even if you change your mind later. There is reason why some dont want to obey. It’s not to be stubborn. They don’t trust the government that so supose started to care about us and our health. Each his own. But they play us against eachother for their agenda and pockets. Be careful, manipulation can be used on human emotions too

  4. The modern medical industry forcefully administers chemical medicine that causes chemical mutagenesis which causes your cells to mutate and become cancerous and or diseased which ends up causing death, lying about chemical pharmaceuticals and forcing chemical medicine on to anyone sends their soul to hell when they die because they know the fact that natural medicine is healthy and chemical medicine has i high chance of killing the host organism. That’s the facts.

    And before the pandemic there was a survey on fb about who would you believe more WHO, the gov or another health organization because it was part of the COVID-19 scandal.

    1. Because of their hidden agenda of doing population control and killing the innocent if they are not killed cause they are unforgiven sinners then all humanity gets wiped out

  5. The kingdom of Suomi announces, that World Health Organization (WHO) and/or any of WHO’s subsidiaries have NO JURISDICTION in any of the areas of Suomi, ever.
    INRI X

  6. The kingdom of Suomi announces, that United Nations (UN) and/or any of UN subsidiaries have NO JURISDICTION in any of the areas of Suomi, ever.
    INRI X

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