Matt Diggity is Building an SEO Empire (Tell-All Interview)

Matt Diggity is the founder of Diggity Marketing, The Affiliate Lab, and a few other awesome SEO-focused companies. In this interview, you’ll learn: – How Matt got into SEO – Advanced link building techniques – The art and science of affiliate marketing And so much more! Subscribe to Matt’s channel:

15 thoughts on “Matt Diggity is Building an SEO Empire (Tell-All Interview)

  1. 2 legends! I’ve never considered getting a job.. ever.. have been self employed business owner at high profit margins my whole life.. BUT… I applied to be Matt’s VP because he has a real vision for the future and he’s da GOAT!

  2. Haha I was addicted to playing CS also and definitely went to LANs! Started playing in 2003 – didn’t get my start to SEO until 2011 even though I was doing numbers as an affiliate in the very early FB ads days haha – Great video – I’ve followed Matt for many years now.

  3. Great interview, thanks for the insights… and maybe consider breaking up vid content into smaller topical bites. Increases exposure and views. Maybe you’re doing that already, I haven’t checked.

  4. There were definitely a few golden nuggets to be had in the interview. Definitely worth the save to be reviewed one more time a little later. What I found interesting was the fact that you both have a somewhat different approach to SEO. I believe Matt comes from the empire flipper days of flipping on flipper, so buying 3000$ sites that earn 400$ is how he probably starts a niche website. Pure speculation my end but I was big on flippa and empire flippers were my competitors on the platform at the time and coming from a design background, I can tell that they definitely share the same designer. Or maybe Matt was the designer!? Anyway great interview. 👍

  5. Keep grinding, Matt you will get there. when I hit around 60 I went nuts from there and jumped to 150 then 300 now on 350 just keep making content pal. I’m part of the Affiliate Lab and always happy to help. I have to do full script used to take 15 to 20 takes to get a paragraph right, but I recently placed an autocue into the mix and saves so much time. Roberto, Derrel Eves, Sean Cannel, Film Booth, tim schmoyer all good resources for getting ahead on Youtube. Lots of stuff changing atm staying ahead of the curve is important

  6. There are ways to get out of the sandbox quickly on new domain. There are quite a few ways to get almost instant indexing on new content. Not gonna spill the beans here but some people even sell it as a service.

  7. Regarding dopamine hits. Matt, maybe you can consolidate it’s so you’re not getting 1000. When your brain is going at a more slower pace. Or you can task Another person to take all of your dopamine hits and then give you one general dopamine

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