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Like all other inventions and discoveries which can be used for good purpose and evil purpose same goes for social media .Social media is also a two way street. In fact social media has become our way of life. Most of us start our mornings with social media and end our nights with it.MBBS is one of the most challenging academic journey for a student to take and MBBS abroad multiplies this challenge. Becoming a doctor is not only a prestigious thing as a job but it also can be satisfying and fulfilling.

As part of my ongoing research about MBBS ABROAD for Indian students it is shocking to see how representative/owner of different companies /consultancies spitting fire and creating a ruckus in young students mind. It is absolutely horrendous to see how these people spread poison for each other. Each one is coming up with evidence, facts and figures to support their product. It is fair to promote ones product and all businesses do that. Also it is fair to have a healthy competition too. But these people are taking advantage of their experience to mislead younger generations.

Some of  them have gone so far as to change geographical boundaries of countries to support their facts which is a joke. I saw a video where a gentleman who is owner of a consultancy firm saying that after doing MBBS in UKRAINE the students can directly go to Switzerland to practice. This is the limit what consultants are going to confuse the students.

Also some of them who used to promote MBBS ABROAD in some countries and now saying it’s not a good choice because they can make more money somewhere else. Lots of consultants have never been to these countries or universities themselves, they have never lived abroad to understand the problems of students lives abroad and they will talk about countries far away just like it’s across the street.

It is very important to understand the cultures of different regions like UKRAINE AND RUSSIA to blend in with local people to have a pleasant academic journey. Consultancy is a business like any other. It sells products or services. It takes time energy, resources, and lots of experience to set up something like a consultancy. But because of these people, the consultants who work for MBBS IN UKRAINE, RUSSIA and other countries  are labelled fraud straightaway.

Every statement, every post ,every image posted on social media is questionable.And unfortunately people take out time to do something destructive than constructive.Unfortunately for every supporting post or video you see there will be equally contradicting post or videos too.This just leads to so much confusion for students and ultimately causing frustration and taking wrong decisions.

I personally think it can be helpful for students who wish to pursue MBBS IN RUSSIA AND UKRAINE to go to reliable sources of information .Only you can decide what’s best for you as you know your capabilities, your resources, your weaknesses and strengths.Lets not be fooled by this SOCIAL MEDIA CIRCUS.

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