More counting-up and counting-down

More counting-up and counting-down

More on this fertile topic of counting-up and counting-down. First I will mention something I thought I had mentioned before, but I cannot find a post on it, so it must have been in the comments section only.

Sex-doll to a fixed time.

There is a very cruel and inventive Domme who posts videos on Pornhub. She cuckolds her sub with at least one boyfriend and her sub is kept in chastity and his orgasms are strictly rationed. Her video that is the subject of this post has her sub given one and half minutes to cum by fucking an inflatable sex doll in front of her. I seem to recall she puts some thick condoms on him before he starts. She holds a timer and every 15 seconds, she reads from it the progress. 1 minute 15, 1 minute, 45 seconds, then when the timer gets to thirty seconds, she leans in and pulls the stopper from the inflatable doll as she announces 30 seconds. Her sub now panics as the doll he is fucking starts deflating and losing its physical shape and its ‘gripping’ power. In the video I recall, ‘Time’s up!‘ is reached and he has not cum, and she pulls the doll from under him and locks him back up in his chastity device.

Reversing the count – both ways

The next account is from dave202abc and is about reversing the count. I quote him below:

A slight variation in the counting down/up requirement is one my lady likes to use in various scenarios and it involves BOTH up AND down counting, so I never know how close I am to a given discipline being over. The way it works is this. I am sentenced to 20. I have to start counting up the number of strokes 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 etc and so on, BUT at a certain point in the count, my lady will give the command “Reverse” and then I must change the count direction, so the count from then goes backward. This means that after say10, the count becomes 9-8-7-6-5-3 eventually I am told again “Reverse!” and it’s back to counting UP so after 3 — 4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-16-17…
then “REVERSE!! and so 16-15-14-13-12-11- until I may hear- “REVERSE!” again, and so it goes on.

In this way, I am NEVER sure if my original sentence of 20 strokes may be increased to whatever amount which often ends up with many more, depending only upon how sadistic and vicious my lady may feel while she is applying strokes. The strokes will continue on and on until I can say the number “20”, but it is always entirely up to my lady’s whim how quickly I am able to get to say that blessed final number! So what might start as a relatively mild sentence can, on a whim, if my lady is feeling vindictive or extra cruel, wind up to being many, many more stripes of fire and a lot more pain and tears from me.

This UP and DOWN idea and concept in my own dynamic has many other applications as well, for example ‘day counts’ to a time I might be allowed to cum. The possibilities are endless and I am learning to my cost to never underestimate my Lady’s cruel ingenuity in finding and using new ways to double down on me.

Counting urination time

A delightful counting use by Mistress M.

One thing I do when I’m in the mood to humiliate my bitch is make him seek permission from me before using the toilet and if it’s to urinate I order him to keep the door open. Not only is he still mortally embarrassed to do it in front of me (and while sitting on the toilet like a woman because he is caged), also, I give him a count up from 1 to 30 (or to 60 if I’m being lenient).

He often fails to complete his urination as I bark at him to stop immediately. He halts the flow with great difficulty and will still be dribbling from his cage as he stands up, He cleans the area with toilet paper and puts his shorts back on. As he comes out of the bathroom, his face and ears are red with shame and he is still needing to pee.

I use this opportunity to further push him into subspace by saying some variation of, ‘You cannot even use your birth defect to pee like a real man. How pathetic! No wonder you are a virgin and will remain so forever. Now fuck off to your chores and don’t even dare ask for permission for a long time.’ I intentionally use the word ‘long time’, instead of a specific time period, as he has no idea when to ask, which makes him appropriately miserable. If I’m feeling particularly sadistic I give him a thrashing no matter when he asks me next, for : ‘asking too soon’, haha.

P.S. Your new journal is delicious to read as they always are. I get so many new ideas every time I read one of your journals that it makes me giddy when a new one is released. No spoilers for anyone obviously but I cannot wait to try the ‘and again’ routine with my bitch several times this holiday season!

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