My Hen Weekend

* This vlog Contains some poor language and also chicken celebration shenanigans). The Vlog you have actually all been waiting on … My Hen Weekend !!! Watch, Comment, like, Subscribe as well as share to every one of your close friends. Wan na see even more me! Instagram- @Being_Kelsey. Twitter- @Being_Kelsey

13 thoughts on “My Hen Weekend

  1. I love this vlog so much !! I’m crying !! I’m very happy for you and Tommy !! Maybe is crazy but I love you so much and my heart will be with you in your wedding! #TOMSEY

  2. Honestly how exciting I can remember being a young girl first meeting you Kels! now you are out here getting married to the love of ya life😍 wooo x

  3. I love this video it makes me so happy that you are getting married to Tom. Kelsey when you was being a man was you meant to look like Tom! 😂😂 I wish you all the best of the future with Tom! Are you going to video the wedding?

  4. I’m literally crying right now… I love you guys and I hope you have the best married life ever

  5. Happy memories for you kelsey. Thinking of you and kids. U and the boys did tom proud yesterday love Carol 🇬🇧 x

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